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  1. If the student and tandem operation needs packers they will help you learn to pack. Call them and ask.
  2. illusioneer

    Dropzones with diverse customer base

    Skydive The Point in Vigrinia is a happy mix of all three. One of the oldest skydiving clubs around it has a great mix of rank beginners up to the Queen who has almost 16,000 jumps. Focus on fun, teaching new jumpers, and providing an enviroment for very experenced jumpers to jump together has led to the long term success of my home DZ
  3. illusioneer

    c182 airplane question

  4. illusioneer

    anyone ever parasail?

    I saw a video at of some people who opened their chutes and ran down a slope to get into the air. I am guessing it would be bad though to put a regular chute under tow. I would think the shape and how the air moves through would need to be different for powered flight. If you have a really fast boat You might get away with flying a wing suit from a tow rope. Then when you get high enough just let go of the rope and pop your chute. (that's a joke, but don't let Jeb C read this)
  5. illusioneer

    Young skydiver meets old rig

    way cool. I'd like to do that some day.