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  1. gravure printing...i worked with a bill vance
  2. Billy did you ever work for southern graphics?
  3. OK! I'll describe them. They had two arms that hook behind the ears, two shaded and a couple of pads to rest on my nose... they must be mine... If they fit that description let me know I'll send my address.
  4. On an absolute beautiful sunset load on saturday 10-20-2007 Carol Clay made her 16,000th jump. I hope you all will join me in congratulating her on such a great accomplishment and being a blessing to us by being such a wonderful person as well. Love you Carol. Blue skies
  5. yeah Karen... I live on the first and last loads.
  6. On a navigator 280 I have tried a few front riser turns...the canopy did not respond much at all...I would have a hard time doing any front riser turns.
  7. I work as a packer on weekends and It will just pay for jumps or just food and bills... not both
  8. uh....yup it does, but I am actually down a few lbs from there
  9. In an effort to slow my free fall speed, I am thinking about getting a camera suit with wings. My range now is 135mph to 155 mph... to fast for rw. Do you think a camera suit is a good option? Does anyone have any ideas for me?
  10. I am a wife and child are not. I want to take them to a tunnel but I have never been to one. Do the tunnels provide a jump suit, goggles, ect? How much time should I plan on for two first timers? Can we jump in our street clothes on do we need to have jump suits on?
  11. Thanks! those are cool looks into the past
  12. Ok. I'll buy that the old ones were 2,500...Thanks Billy.