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  1. I don't think many divers have a problem helping anyone who needs a hand or advice, but the problem is a lack of manners and respect from others.
    If someone makes an income from taking photos or video I make sure to offer to pay or trade in return for any effort on the part of the other person. It is then an option for them to offer a "no problem" or "no charge" as they see fit.
    I am always helping others with all sorts of tasks and with nothing in return expected, but what makes all the difference is when they give me the chance to say "no problem/charge, I'm glad to help" ;)

  2. I had to vote two hands per handle, that is how the DZ teaches it now. I, on the other hand was taught one hand per handle. I have used it once in a high speed spinning mal>:( I had no problem with the cutaway even with high g-loads, but I am and always been a big boy:)As far as what to teach today...two hands is good for students...later they can make their own choice.:)

  3. I went through the same thing... I pulled on exit and almost sent the pc over the tail of the 182c :$ that was according to the other jumpers on the load. So be sure to wait at least one full second before you deploy:) So don't freakout everyone else on the load...clear the plane.
    And watching some video of freefalling B.A.S.E. jumpers will give you some perspective as to what being low really is all about (crazy mofo's)

  4. Be confident in who you are, and the choices you make. That is the sign of a leader...You never know what trends you can kick off by just being YOU and being comfortable with that. :)

  5. If they act like that then it sucks to be themB| Even skydiving can't make someone quit being a dickhead.
    Come on over to West Point Virginia anyone/ everyone will jump with you...and that goes double for the people with mega number of jumps.

  6. Skydive The Point in Vigrinia is a happy mix of all three. One of the oldest skydiving clubs around it has a great mix of rank beginners up to the Queen who has almost 16,000 jumps. Focus on fun, teaching new jumpers, and providing an enviroment for very experenced jumpers to jump together has led to the long term success of my home DZ:)

  7. It just showes that by not slowing the plane you can get full deployment with very little loss in altitude. No I am not suggesting anyone jump low. I just think is is important to understand the things that can effect how your chute opens, and the speed of the plane does have an effect on the opening of a hop and pop.

  8. I have had altitude sickness...The main symptom is a headache. I only got it after spending hours at over 10k and then sleeping there. I don't know if it can happen with a short trip up high. Try taking some motrin 1hr before jumping and see if that helps. You may want to call your family doc and make sure it is not a sign of something more problematic.