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  1. Robby was one of the nicest, and most considerate people on the DZ. He always had a nice word for my 2 young girls and a smile on his face. whenever i had a question about anything, if Robbie was there, thats who i asked. even if it was a stupid question he always answerd you with respect never looking down on newbies. You will be sorely missed my brother, and everytime i get an icecream out of the freezer i will be thinking of you. Fly Free my freind
  2. very nicely said and thank you. next time your at lodi look Foz and i up for a couple of jumps
  3. don't you mean our locker...anyway Cronkite filled it with a bunch of shit...again. and to the op...always rw going on in lodi just get there early
  4. i don't think jamien is refering to the jumper that got hurt as deserving what he got. that of course was a tragedy that should not have happened. i think she is refering to people being asked...or told to leave the dz for doing something stupid or unsafe(same thing). and about Bill "stealing" a tandems wern't there so you have no idea what you are talking about. i was there and without getting into all the boring details the customer got a rain check for his jump that HE MISSED because he was in the parking lot doing who knows what. this thread is just one of many reasons i have not logged onto in weeks people talking shit when they realy don't know the facts and should just shut the fuck up.
  5. i'm sure ther are people to help you out at your dz. remember if you're not sure...ask.
  6. my wife forwarded this to me thought i would share. Http:// (clicky please) cuz i don't know how.
  7. wildcard couldn't handle my wife
  8. can you believe wife was pissed off that I didn't go to the dz yesterday. those of you that know my wife probably aren't surprised. I guess i should stop bitching