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  1. i wanna new tunnel job
  2. Double yawn! That was an ignorant statement to say that the flying there now is the best its been! Some of the best flyers in the world started there! Some of the most known names in this sport came through orlando! But not anymore, probably because Mark is such a nice person! haha Not taking anything away form the flyers there but there is a lot more to this sport than carving in circles! And besides if they work there and are new instructors shouldnt they be more worried about their instructhing and their students and their training? lets face it. Orlando was the place where you could go and see familiar staff and know that no matter what you were 100 percent safe flyiing there! Now the only thing the staff can say is that we can carve! Its a very sad state of affairs in Orlando! what makes it worse is that there are still some great ppl there wanting it to be the way it was in the good ole days!
  3. haha yea a hores head would be scarry!! BIG ups to the instructors here in bedford
  4. the flying is amazing on all levels! chech bodyflight website tomm for scores this is going to be fun!
  5. Didnt mean to make anybody sick! and sorry im not an english major ha but to say that he wasnt one of the "old g's" meaning one of the first in free fly, would be incorect. As for me im a non skydiver only a tunnel flyer working with the mamba spirit and in a month I am going to jumping again with sombody that in most places his reputation preceeds him! im one of the people that express positive energy in this sport! And so im happy to be blessed1 and thats right stormyWINTERS cobras! I should have said the iba are the true tunnel GOD FATHERS! haha
  6. So not only are we [the brothers] so lucky to have been trained by the best school the IBA and some of the best tunnel instructors in the world. hands down. we now have to opportunity to work with the godfater himself Olaf Zipster hopfully his knowledge will help us in the sky! so we can pass on everything we have learned to anybody who loves to fly! So we have been super blessed and just wanted again to gives thanks to those who have been there for us! Looking forward to seeing everybody at Bedford for the competition!
  7. haha that message didnt work on my phone! sorry buddy!
  8. To those who know the Fultz brothers from orlando we are happy to say that we are in europe fling in the tunnels here and loving it! so come our way! plus if you need any coaching and are gonna be in europe let me know! or if you just wanna fly! ha Whats up to all the corbas!!!! we are back in the game! yes ha thanks to everybody who helped keep our heads up along the way!! you all know who you are
  9. If anybody is looking for a great facility with even better people who run and opperate it, look no further than SkyVenture NewHampshire. I was blessed to have an opportunity to go and work with the crew there and they were nothing short of amazing. Its making this Florida boy wonder if he should brave out the cold winters So if you are looking for the best tunnel experience NewHapshire is one of the places you should goto first.
  10. I was really spoiled I worked for SVO for almost 2 years and due to unfortunate circumstances I have not been able to fly for over a month and its very true when people refer to any tunnel as a crack pipe. SO to ANYBODY who has ever had the feeling of tunnel withdraw just know I feel your pain. SO I guess i just perservere and keep that chin up and look forward and to be preparred for my next tunnel session. Thanks for letting me rant
  11. I dont see why not! just look out for those walls
  12. the brothers mamba would be more that happy to do any kind of camp. 50 hours would be alot of fun!