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  1. djd

    Aus Tunnel???

    I have heard there are plans for 2 tunnels in Aus.... was second hand information but the source is normally reliable, as far as i am aware they are still in the talking stage so you will probably get you'r tunnels in March ......... 2017... which is a shame.... as the more the better in my books.. more places to go visit... Not meaning to rub it in but i have to go as we are just switching our Hue G Big Tunnel on and i need to go Free Fly.. Let it be windy...... Dave..
  2. djd

    Need A Challenge

    and nobody .. ever .. has any possible chance of reading any of your notes Bryony...haha...x
  3. djd

    Need A Challenge

    OH yes you did... smashed outa the park...LOL
  4. HAHA thats a good one im likeing the idea.... something tells me they wont come flocking to yr call but nice This could run a bit though see if it can change into a tunnel dating site... something tells me NOT though... Dave..
  5. oooohhhhh .. This could be a good one to
  6. djd

    Need A Challenge

    Female, Athletic, Sexy,Stunning, Single, Female .. did i mention that one already lol... Guess i wont be doing the recruiting haha...
  7. djd

    Need A Challenge

    Haha Jewels i just looked at yr profile... i see it says attorney ... do you practice employment law at all.... lol... to be honest if you put stig of the dump in the tunnel enough he would soon be flying his pants off... I would add though, A tunnel instructors job at Bedford is different to one at a skyventure tunnel. I know and speak to a lot of staff from other tunnels and also know they would agree with me, its hard to explain in a forum just how different the jobs are. In short at Bedford as in skyventure it doesnt really matter how talented someone is at flying or coaching because thats something we teach and they can learn, and lets be honest thats why we all do the job, fly fly fly..... well it certainly isnt the money LOL... Dave.. ps: I personally think its just a way for Bryony to get a load of pictures of guys...hahaha...
  8. djd

    Tunnel suits

    Hiya Christian. Have a look at Vertical suits They are a Canadian company, I work at Bodyflight in England, one of our guys just brought a suit from them, i now know 3 more staff that are going to get them, which is proof enough lol getting tunnel instructors to spend money on a suit is near on impossible Very well made with lots of options, with the exchange rate as good as it is they are extreamly good value. If you want to get in on our order contact me and you can get in on our discount too... Dave..
  9. djd

    Need A Challenge

    Ok who wants a tunnel job....? just seen this on ukskydiver... Dave.
  10. djd

    Vegas Tunnel?

    I went there in November 06 and had the biggest laugh i have ever had in any wind tunnel.....i mean it my cheeks hurt i was laughing so much... you gota be real good to fly well in these tunnels... :)
  11. Ok first i just need to confirm this is Andrew, if so then i know where we are and can answer yr post. Dave :)
  12. Just read this, I am heading out for work now and will PM you as soon as i can.. Dave.
  13. manliusguy. If you had a bad experiance there i am genuinely sorry for you.. you cant please all the people all the time.. and sometimes things all come to a point where people bang heads and nothing is going to help.... however if maybe you had contacted niagara privately you could of sorted out yr grieviences and at least not been out of pocket. I also think that if somebody is going to bad mouth any company.... wether that company deserves it or not they should put a name and fill in there profile so we know whos saying it.... bit like skydiving m8 if its not on video it didnt happen.. blue skies to you all...and if its windy on the inside all the better for it.. ;) Dave
  14. This post is very typical, you look like you have rolled up yr shirt sleeves and have come looking for an argument... you have just registered as a new user and its yr first post asking for a lot of answers to questions that can potentially harm a business if not ans very carefully and correctly..... you could of asked them if they would like to have been loobed up first before you tried to mount them.. or indeed just sent a Pm to Niagra instead.... I do hope they dont feel they have to reply to justify yr post. People our little Tunnel world is small enough lets not try and make it smaller..... :)