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  1. This was our group’s first experience in a tunnel and that is how the reservation was booked. Without instructor training we would have broken our necks. We did not choose to split up our flight time. We were told that we would do it in 5 minute intervals. This was great for us because it gave us a chance to rest and talk with the instructor about how we were doing. It also left the tunnel open for other groups to get in. This was not the problem. We left for lunch at 3:30pm and returned before 5pm. No more than 1.5 hours. Perhaps it seemed longer because we left for lunch that late in the afternoon. When we broke for lunch, there was nobody else at the tunnel. I will agree that when we returned there were a few small groups there, but nothing that couldn't be handled with the staff on hand (50 flyers is absurd). If it was that busy, what sense would it make to send the instructor home? Find some other way to punish him. The instructor was a good kid and obviously a good worker. He was making sure that the big customers of the day were enjoying themselves and would want to return. Niagara, I am offended by your reply. The sport of skydiving is based on camaraderie and enjoyment. I take comfort in knowing that it is only a matter of time before you have many posts from other disappointed customers. Shame on you for treating your patrons and employees so poorly.
  2. Michael, This was a good kid. Not some punk. Very quiet and reserved. He ended up being the most enjoyable part of our trip.
  3. Dave We sat there for over an hour with no new instructor and were made very uncomfortable. We didn't have a choice but to leave.
  4. Do Not Go to Niagara Freefall and Interactive Center! In Niagara Falls, Canada Two friends and I booked 1 hour of freefall / skydiving time in the vertical wind tunnel. Instead of running our time all at once, we agreed to break it up into sessions so that other fliers could do shorter runs without having to wait. After 24 minutes we took a break and went to lunch. Because our instructor was such a nice guy, and we wanted to discuss what we would do in the following sessions, we invited him to join us. After getting permission from his boss, he agreed to come. When we returned from lunch, we started to get ready for our next flight, but our instructor was not around. After finding him he told us that he was being sent home for the day because he took too long for his break (just over an hour). At this point, my friends and I felt AWFUL. We spoke to the owners, Atilla and Andrew Cserpes, and tried to convince them to reconsider their punishment because we were the ones that kept the instructor out. We even asked if they could simply allow him to finish up our session before going home. We gave the owners every opportunity to make the situation acceptable for everyone, but they told us that the instructor had to go home and THAT was the way it was going to be. Finally we had to leave, because introducing us to a new instructor would start us back to square one. Also, the situation had become very uncomfortable as they just left us sitting there for about an hour and a half. No refund for unused time was allowed so my friend lost about $600. The owners of Niagara Freefall & Interactive Center (and neighboring Rainbow Motor Inn) managed to ruin an $1100 experience. Show them that this is not the way to treat employees or customers – Please do not give them your business.