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  1. If the rules where you are allow it, offer to film outside video on some single instructor level AFF jumps. Even if the student is stable they will be moving around the sky and changing fall rate constantly. Jumping with newly qualified jumpers will also give you a similar workout trying to stay close throughout the jump.Quote
  2. when i first watched the video i was going to make acritical coment along the lines of lower canopy having right of way and probably being very low experience etc etc. having now read all your posts, hats off to you! you,ve explained the situation, and admitted some fault. brave andhonest, i respect you. (still scarey shit though!)
  3. agree with point 14. uspa coach rating...that can, in theory be obtained after 100 or so jumps! i dont want anyone with anywhere near that level of experience anywhere near me when im jumping tandem, let alone with a camera!Quote
  4. very well done for staying calm and together. i had an aff student with an (undisclosed) history of shoulder instability, dislocate his left shoulder on level wasnt good! ( he landed fine and was politely told to go away and only jump when his medical history was ok)
  5. I think the ONLY answer is, separate landing areas for standard landing patterns and HP. Where i work and jump i am constantly frustrated by slow, large (but totally correct) canopies, all trying to land on a 20 square metre landing area ,especially after rain. but i am still occasionally scared (and nearly killed) by people doing 450,s etc from a higher altitude with no regard for lower canopies.
  6. Sorry, below average photos! now a T.I, when i look at the handycam video of my first tandem, (skydivelasvegas...dont go there, they are crooks!!) i realise just how poor the overall product is!!!. sorry, no offence to T.I,s that work in tandem factories but, bottom line, there is NO way an instructor with a handycam can EVER produce the same product as a DECENT camara flyer with a stills and vid camera.....period!!just for a minute, think quality...not profit! now i know better im still thinking of sueing vegas for the aweful service and lack of (paid for) extra altitude!! XXX
  7. totally agree. i dont work in a tandem factory but very occasionaly have to do a back to back tandem. im NEVER happy just picking up a rig and a student someone else has harnessed up. call me a fag, whatever, if I havent checked my gear AND my student im simply not happy. at the end of the day its my ass and concious thats gonna pay!!
  8. i got my TI rating with about 110 jumps, i was definately more scared than my "student" for at least 50. (still had to (fake) smiles for the video guy though!! it does get easier!!Quote