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  1. MasterOfMagic


    This is allready our second container from this company. My team mate and i had this one custum made with own logo's. Fit is great and the people from firebird are very helpfull. Very short delivery time's even when custum made. They do what they promise. First set of 2 containers was delivered within 2 weeks. (basic colors) Second set of 2 containers was delivered within 6 weeks. (custum logo's) Also the container has allready all options included, stainless steel, hiprings, very good padding for the back and legpads.
  2. MasterOfMagic

    Dirk Wijnen

  3. MasterOfMagic

    My Spectre 190

  4. MasterOfMagic


    Can't say much about this reserve but it saved my life twice in one week. It was on rental gear but my next own reserve would be a Smart.
  5. MasterOfMagic


    I bought a stock Spectre and it was delivered to me in Europe within 6 days. Loaded my Spectre 190 on 1.29 wingload. The Spectre opens very smooth and onheading. It had to get used to landing with the Spectre because in all my previous jumps I used 9 cell parachutes. My wingload is a little bit high in my experience (115 jumps at 1.29) but the Spectre is still very forgiving for beginners. (One time i didn't flare at all) Packing the (new) Spectre is a hell of a job for me, but I know this is due to my lack of experience. When other (experiend) skydivers are packing my Spectre they have no problems at all, so I guess I just have to practice more. I was looking for a slow opening parachute because of my high fallrate and I found it. I just love my Spectre. Update: 01-04-2010: Just bought my second one (170) because i lost 12-15 kg of bodyweight and still loving it :)
  6. MasterOfMagic

    Wingloading and Canopy Question

    I'm a beginner to with only 50 jumps, i jumped as a student with a 230 solo and after 30 jumps a pilot 210. Now i have bought a 210 canopy at a wingload 1.2