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  1. E150

    Michael Granville ?

    Hello! Are you still posting on here? Or does anyone know his user ID? I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Yes, but both in a 150. It was a while ago, so my memory fades a bit. However, they are not totally dissimilar. The Electra probably had slightly nicer openings, but that may have been the packing? The flare on the Sabre 2 was better. As for perfomance, I don't recall finding one faster than the other. Sorry to be vague, it was a couple of years ago.
  3. Hi Caz - Gary and I plan to go for the afternoon. This is unless the new arrival hasn't already joined us!
  4. E150

    Birthmarks !

    Yes, not telling, not sure.
  5. Just another opinion. I have about 230 jumps on specte 120's. From a v old canopy with 1000 jumps and an old line set to a spanking new one. I have never once had a surge forward as the end cells inflate. Opening are nearly always perfect.
  6. I have recently ordered a new rig, having previously had an Atom. It was between a Mirage and a Javelin. I decided against a Mirage because they charge so much for all the extras. Also, I got a good deal on the Javelin Oddysey. Sunpath have been fantastic with their customer service. I simply could not fault them.
  7. E150

    Symboisis suits

    OI! Oh and cheers dude.
  8. I would not be jumping at all if it were not for videoing tandems (my only sorce of income) and the tickets I get for helping out on the DZ (well - cleaning the bogs actually!)
  9. E150

    Symboisis suits

    Anyone know their website address? Its not on the list of links here! Cheers
  10. E150

    OMG It's Friday

    Thanks everyone