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  1. cphelan

    Lumix GX8 Bite Switch Issue

    Having troubles getting a bite switch to work with the Lumix GX8. It acts like a microphone when plugged in. Any suggestions?
  2. cphelan

    Camcorder Vs Action Cam

    Good read. Thanks for the article!
  3. cphelan

    Camcorder Vs Action Cam

    Im sure this has been discussed but i cant find any current info through search or digging back a bit. Ive been out of the field for awhile (2011) and was jumping a CX-100. Seems things have changed a lot since then. What are the opinions these days for a camcorder vs Action cam. Im specifically looking at the CX-675 VS the Sony FDR3000. I know this questions varies alot on what type of flying you will be doing. Starting back out most of my jumps will be small belly formations (2 way/4 way type stuff), the occasional attempt at Free Flying work, but the ultimate goal is filming tandems again. Lastly, thoughts on lenses for either. It looks like the action cameras dont need anything and the CX-675 maybe? I had a .3x on my CX100 and would should stills at 14-16mm and this seemed to pair up decent.
  4. cphelan

    Skydive The Rockies! - Closed

    Great group of people, very helpful and experienced. Very cautious and safety minded. Not very many up jumpers. Its a hit or miss if your there are going to be enough up jumpers for a load, But the group is starting to build. No caravan..? They have a two 206's but normally just fly one or the other. The landing area is huge, however it is nothing but dirt and brush. It can dirty up a rig if your not careful. Great scenery and the resturaunt "barnstormers cafe", located on the airport, is awesome.