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  1. Bennef

    Black sun

  2. Bennef

    Tandem landing

  3. Bennef

    gracious landing

  4. Bennef

    PAC XL nose

  5. Bennef

    Tuks Swooping

  6. Bennef

    ERP Granville

    Just a great DZ to jump from, so close to the beach that you can go straight swimming there, more and more happening with the new directions, probably the most beautiful DZ in north of France, worth the trip!
  7. Bennef - Christchurch

    I am from April '09 course, I have not finished my training yet, am in work placement and let me tell you a story that happened to the 18 of us : Basically we applied the course because it was NZPIA certificate and licence. In the middle of the course, without any advise, the management changed from NZPIA (the federation from which most of the NZ DZ are affiliated to) to a weird ParaNZ one (created on political matters, with only 5 affiliated NZ DZ!) claiming that was the same. They took our money of course, never gave us the advertised licence.... How is that: professional skydiving or professional rip-off? They change course director so often that you don't know what is going on really : Is it safe for students jumping then? Because of their incompetence I was grounded in my work placement for 4weeks : Is it once again what you expect when you applied for a course that is suppose to put you straight in the air? My advise is definitely not to applied for this course, you'd rather go to a good and recognized DZ and negociate a tailor made training with good safety level and ground training, few coachings, you will certainly pay less and definitely have no headache!!! Blue sky
  8. Bennef

    ERP Granville

    One of the best scenery in North of France, jump from the Pilatus at 4000m and enjoy stunning view of Mont Saint Michel, chausey Islands, Brittany and normandy coast.
  9. Bennef

    A'air Parachutisme Granville

    Definitely recommend this dropzone, actually I have been doing a training there and one of the trainers is nothing less but the technic director of the french federation, himself! Furthermore you have a great view on the mont saint Michel, the anglo-normandes islands (guernesey, jersey and so on), it is 5min from the beach (great to have a swim btw two jumps)!! I could say much more but the only way is to go and try it right?