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  1. How bout this then, 2 days ago, Jeff Noblikofp took 3 irish er's up for there first winsuit jump, in Z-hills, one jump each, yesterday they borowed suits and went up for there second wingsuit jump, They built and flew a 3 way line, They have all got between 212 and 250 jumps each, Not bad for the 2nd time in a wingsuit ah?
  2. It seems like it would, doesn't it? I guess Nick would be the person to ask about it. Unfortunately, he's banned from here. why is he banned, or was that a joke?
  3. With rear-view mirrors? I thought the base was backflying? They are the ones navigating right? When backflying its not hard to look over your sholder every now and agin to ck the "spot", its easy in fact
  4. I am not saying we should rename flocking to stall flying, nor I am saying that flocking is subordinate to any other discipline or type of flying. If you think that you are WAY off track. I dont see how it can be called "stalling", when an airplane "stalls' it drops its nose to pick up speed, In a Wingsuit I can go from max track to flat to head up without this affect
  5. Talking with so much passion about vertical decent in way ''who is going slower'' is entirely wrong. Data such vertical speed does not have any skill value. If one jumper has very low speed on vertical decent, this saying more about his/her proportion , rather than skill. I think what these guys are saying is that they have kick ass speeds, but that there doing it with slow desent rates, hence high glida ratio's, one could just de-arch to get a slow fall rate
  6. More popping here that was sme grat dancing, thank you, best "popping" ive ever seen
  7. ok, Chuck blue has his new Birdman Blade, he's up racing with Jeff in his Mach 1 lets see
  8. Speaking of solos ... Mike (IslandGuy) told me he was making some solo's last weekend playing with his Mach 1 and got 177 seconds from regular altitude. I'm sure he could post a screen cap of his Paralog profile ... Jeff Noblikoff just did 200 sec's in his, 13500 to 2000
  9. I do know that there models were covered in electronics to measure lift, not sure how he did his angle of attack, I always thought if you get the attachment point of the harness right then to adopt "the position" would be enough, then the guy controlling the wind speed will put you in the middle of the tunnel, the pivot point of the harness stopping you from flying through the wall is the important part, but i see it in a vertical tunnel, he used a horizontal tunnel
  10. I assume you mean Bernoulli. exakerly :-) isnt the Bernoulli effect wonderful, the high pressure above an airfoil creates lift, SOOOOO how much laminar flow do we need to get Bernoulli effect, if the "wind" leaves the top surface then this has to be lessened, Gyro told me once that he thought parachutes didn't even get perfect laminar flow,. But they get lots of lift from the airfoil they use
  11. bidle is 9 feet long, I used an eagle form tony suits, not a big wing, maybe the throw was lazy, but not sloppy, it went straght up the normal path a pilot chute takes, no waffling, huh
  12. wonderful discussion, wouldn't it be great to obtain "laminar flow" sometimes I wonder if the "wind" is just "blowing past"......... that were just "sail's" deflecting air. but then sometime's you see a tiny wing get so much lift, and fly so fast, you gotta wonder if there's some physics going on here. Does the air wrapping around the wing create lift? of course, can we obtain the angle of attack to produce this affect? do you spell Brunuli?
  13. I'm ready to sew two 3" square pieces of cordura to the top of my pilot chute. seem's like i could grab that sticking out of the pouch. it would be such a smooth surface ref "line" overs/wraps of whatever the fook is happening here, also the hole in the bottom of the PC needs to be smaller.
  14. On deployment yesterday evening I had my hacky go around the pilot chute, tie itself into a knot then go up inside the hole in the bottom of the pilot chute, CUTAWAY, so..............maybe there is food for thought ref it being a problem with hackys being heavier than the pilot chute, I wonder if Im pulling my wings in after I throw my hacky cos this is the second time in 20 jumps or so. is my "burble" causing this, will a lighter "handle" be better I wonder, its a nasty high speed mal and Im a bit fed up, I heard that Scott Bland had the same mal a while back.
  15. he is Captain Jean-Pierre Knaff, ministry de la defense, I just emailed him and asked if i can post his e-mail address, or if he'd like to write to this post himself, we'll see, Talk later, Im going skiing