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  1. I apologize in advance for the repeat thread. I'm traveling on an airline with my rig. Cant find the place in this forum for the cypress Diagram card for security.Also would like to have the verbage from TSA manual. Thanks. Again, i'm sorry for the repeat. See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  2. I had to stop for the winter while going through AFP. I think I was on level 5. Come spring time I did 1 jump with instuctor holding onto my harness, to make sure I had a stable exit. After that I picked up where I left off.
  3. I did my first tandem at 35. It was just one item on my "Bucket" list. The intent was to try it have a good time and move on. I remember my tandem instructor asking me if I'd do it again when my feet touched the ground. My reply was "NOPE!!!". I walked into manifest 2 min. later and paid for my 2nd tandem. Since then I've thrown away my bucket list
  4. My folks knew the second my feet touched the ground from my tandem.But They refuse to entertain a conversation about the dreaded word...... "Skydive" See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  5. I like your idea of the patch. I also would go with the your original fff logo. "billvon" did make very good points about who you could be missing out on, if one would only talk to a cerain group. I say wear the patch......don't wear the patch.....Whatever.... you don't know unless you try.
  6. Thats funny!!! I'm a skydiver thats interested in getting started in PG. Any advice for me? See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  7. Doc says no way to tunnel time right now. But, I think I will have a beer and throw all that money out the door of an otter and watch you guys go ape shit.
  8. OK. So I find out two weeks before the opening of the season that I need surgery on my hip. I tell the doctor that it'll have to wait until the end of the season before I actually let him cut on me. I did'nt want to miss out on the fun. After his examination I could barely walk for a week because the cartilage was so torn up. I started thinking about the rest of the skydiving commuinty, and that I would be a safety hazard to others. I decided to have the work done. I will not get to skydive this season. (maybe at the end of the season) I'M happy with my decision not because I feel better, but it's because I thought of the "SAFETY" thing. That to me has been the #1 priority in skydiving for me. I wanted to be the FIRST( beer to everyone) career skydiver without a cutaway. (I had a cutaway last season. I already blew it ) Anyway, since the surgery I have not talked, read, watched, or thought of skydiving. I have not even looked at my rig in the closet. It would be to hard for me to deal with. Now that I feeling better I'm starting to JONES. I don't want to rush anything. But I am getting ants in my f'n pants. I'm also starting to feel bad for not keeping up with things. I should be reading the SIM and keeping current on sport activities. It's just hard!!!! Anyone have any advice out there for me on what I COULD be doing to be active in the sport during this layoff. Besides reading the SIM? See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  9. See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  10. First to load on the aircraft, wingsuit flyers and high pulls, then tandems, aff students, smallest group of free flyers to largest group of free flyers, smallest group of belly flyers to largest group of belly flyers, hop'n pops. Thats the way we load at our dz. As to why?.... Ask an instructor See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  11. Sounds like Skydiving has reset your priorities, not screwed them up. I'm greatful of that!!!!!!
  12. If you paid for express service and didn't receive express service, I can't imagine why you didn't ask for and receive a refund. If I have to "ask", for a refund, then it probably is going to be more of a hassle, for me...... If I don't get the answer I want to hear?.......Instant asshole. And that never gets me anywhere. So, in this case, I'll live and learn.
  13. I too have recently been let down with the purchase of my fist jumpsuit. When I purchased it, I chose to put it on : "Express service (add $40) your suit will be shipped in 14 days, guaranteed!". Four weeks and phone call later I received it. My main complaint would be customer service. I expect to get what I paid for. I pay good money for something, and I expect you to live up to your end of the bargain. I do have to admit that it fit like a glove. Also, when I called to ask why I had not recieived it yet, The owner told me I'd have it by next week. It was here within the week. Also they did not leave me hanging when I called. they always returned my calls. On the other hand I could have used the $40 for three hop n pops or two full alti. jumps. Or Beer!!!! See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  14. A: Yep were all reckless & crazy all wacked out on mountain dew & blow, we all have a death wish and we drive too fast as well without seatbealts blasting loud rock n roll music token a number and drinking a beer & we all have long hair and don't shave, none of us have real jobs we just smuggle dope to pay for our addictions and toys and if you can't find your teenage daughters late on a weekend nite, their in the DZ slums being passed around and videoed for our skydiver chicks gone wild DVDs and everyone is nick named Swoop! [/ Perfect! See ya in a minute. Peace out!
  15. What is it? And where can I get a copy of it? Tried doing a search and did not come up with much. Thanks!!!! See ya in a minute. Peace out!