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  1. Are there other dropzones besides Arizona and Perris that incorporate or have a wind tunnel close by? Anyone done AFF at Perris or Arizona? Thanks for replies.
  2. So I started skydiving last summer and made 10 skydives to bring me to the D category of my license. I have not made a skydive since Sep '09 and will be starting again in May. Will I need to retake ground school and start from beginning according to USPA guidelines? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any replies.
  3. I have and he said fine. I am just a tad nervous for a first timer on a sport rig.
  4. Hello, I am new to skydiving and looking towards starting my AFF training next week. My local DZ doesn't have student gear to support my weight of about 260 pounds. I am looking at buying a rig from a local. The main is a firebolt and the reserve is an angelfire both by jumpshack. The main is a 290, modified tandem. Do you think this set up will be OK for a first timer? What is the lowest size you think I should go? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone sell gear on a buy it now plan. Or sometype of payment option. Having a hard time coming up with 4500 dollars in one lump sum while trying to go to college. Thanks.
  6. Yes, it seems as if the so called "short man syndrome" gets the best of some people. So much so, that it turns them into oblivious shit talking retards. I thank you for your reply and we will talk soon.
  7. Funny thing is my bicep is probably about as big as your thigh. I don't need your smartass remarks. Save your time.
  8. Hello, I am truely looking at taking my AFF training through my local DZ in MN. However they do not acommodate anyone over the 220 pound weight limit. I am wondering if there are any DZ that would rent me student gear for my first couple of jumps or if anyone had any other suggestions. My DZ said if I bought gear of a 0.9 or 1.0 they will train me. Would you recommend? Anyone witha any big boy gear for sale?