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  1. 1. DZ is officially open and operating all days except Wednesday. 2. Whether you can jump is entirely weather dependent. If you are there on a weekend, you are likely to find a few fun jumpers and tandems. If the weather is above 65F, the fun jumper population will be higher. 3. Cabins are available for rent - recommended as frost is common at night and evenings. 4. The skylounge will be open for dinner and drinks over the weekend Have fun!
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  5. USD 40 for a jump from 20,000 feet off a Twin Otter. Oxygen masks will be provided and Rook will brief you before the jump. About pre-requisites, I think you need to be B licensed or at the very least B qualified. Check with manifest
  6. sraja

    Skydive Chicago?

    I'll be there on Monday 26th but there should be a pretty large crowd throughout the weekend
  7. sraja

    Skydive DeLand

    I understand why Deland functions the way it does but having said that - you wont find me going back there unless I truly have no other choice. I am a fun jumper and I'd like to just go and goof off in the sky with my friends - there isnt much room for that at Deland. 2 hour waits between loads and lack of attention to fun jumpers didnt make it very exciting. However, if you are looking for top notch RW instruction and team facilities or just any facility in general this is place to be. There is a reason why PD, UPT and a host of several RW teams train here every year. If you are looking for fun and a great time with friends - go to Sebastian
  8. sraja

    Where for March?

    California or Mexico (Ixtapa)
  9. I can give you a ride back to ORD on Aug 5 - PM me for information on how to find me.
  10. And for more details on my body position during the track so that someone can comment on possible burble interference 1. Shoulders cupped 2. Toes pointed 3. Hands inverted - meaning my altimeter was perhaps at sometimes facing the ground instead of the sky 4. Belly sucked in 5. Dearched at the hip 6. Tightening up my entire body so much that it pained for the entire track
  11. sraja

    Don't you just LOVE skydiving?

    I am a noobie but I'll respond just to share my perspective. Not really, I dont see attribute the personal nature of a person to their chosen hobby or profession. People are who they are because of themselves. One thing I do realize amongst skydivers is that they are more fun and open to ideas. I guess when we take the risk of jumping out of a plane - a few other risky things in life dont seem like that much of a big deal. Sadly I have driven away some of my whuffo friends. My non-stop fascination with skydiving has either bored them or made them think that I have gone nuts. I wish I could strike a balance but its just impossible to keep to myself this thrill. Frankly, I dont have more respect for a skydiver than a whuffo but I do have more admiration for a talented skydiver because I understand the complexity, danger and skill levels required by the sport. I love the people in skydiving. I'm new to this country (USA) but in the 4 months I have been in this sport, I have made more friends and closer friends than in the 6 years I've spent in this country. No one treated me as an outsider - just a skydiver. I guess we all realize that being a close knit group we must look out for one another.
  12. sraja

    Skydive Sebastian

    Being the first DZ I visited outside my home DZ, I loved this place. The ride upto altitude is awesome and so is the view in freefall and under canopy. My initial fear of landing on the ocean proved to me unfounded as the ocean is something like 3-4 miles away. The outs include a golf course but it really is hard to miss such a huge landing area unless you had a really bad spot. Staff were friendly and courteous and rental suits / helmets are excellent too. The packing area can get a bit cramped especially during a busy boogie but other positives balance out. They have team rooms for rental and the camping area is plenty too. The fun jumpers are really outgoing and there is a lot of fun stuff to do in the vicinity. Recommend this place to anyone.
  13. sraja

    Skydive Chicago

    Though I am from New Jersey, I began skydiving at SDC and learnt through the AFP program. The coaches are world record holders and some are even national champions. The student gear selection is huge and you dont have to be stuck on the same 280 that every student flies. You can find the right gear for you. In air radio, detailed briefing and de-briefing sessions, video of every jump make this the best place to learn. Their AFP program takes you directly to the A license. Come here to learn but start early in the summer cos Chicago weather is fickle.