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  1. Hello I will be moving to Seattle area later next year from Chicago and would like to request advise from local jumpers on 1. Places to jump actively (I do approx. 100 jumps a year) 2. Best places for freeflying (head down & angle) 3. Availability of organizers Thanks in advance
  2. 1. DZ is officially open and operating all days except Wednesday. 2. Whether you can jump is entirely weather dependent. If you are there on a weekend, you are likely to find a few fun jumpers and tandems. If the weather is above 65F, the fun jumper population will be higher. 3. Cabins are available for rent - recommended as frost is common at night and evenings. 4. The skylounge will be open for dinner and drinks over the weekend Have fun!
  3. sraja

    POPS VRW records?

    There was an attempt to build a 16 or 18 way head down POPS formation at Summerfest this year. If I am not mistaken it was organized by Olav Zipser but it did not build. I think it built up to a 14 or 15 and then someone had a premature deployment...
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    Sit Round

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  7. I have a trailer for anyone interested 2 separate beds (almost like two rooms) Air conditioning Refrigerator Right behind the showerhouse (so no long walks in the morning) Walking distance from Tiki bar and Hangar $60 a night - split it with someone else or have it all to yourself.
  8. USD 40 for a jump from 20,000 feet off a Twin Otter. Oxygen masks will be provided and Rook will brief you before the jump. About pre-requisites, I think you need to be B licensed or at the very least B qualified. Check with manifest
  9. I jump with glasses all the time as well and use a Bonehead Havok. It opens up as well under canopy and works just fine.
  10. Holiday Inn is better, Super 8 is just a tad closer. Holiday Inn has eating places as well as Walmart within walking distance
  11. I can pick you up - let me know when you are arriving - I prefer O'hare since its closer but I can do midway as well.
  12. I do have Trulock toggles - but even then the lines are made of Spectran and are very thin. There is a lot of loose play area and like you stated - no solution is foolproof.
  13. I had my second cutaway today - after normal deployment at 3000 feet, I stowed my slider and was ready to unstow my toggles. At this point, as I was looking for traffic, I blindly reached for my toggles without looking for them. During the course of the opening some of the excess line stow around the left toggle had come loose and was flying around right in front of the toggle - as I reached for the toggle I must have slipped my fingers through the excess line stow and reached for the toggle. As a consequence, when I pulled the toggles loose, the left toggle formed a significant knot involving the brake line, risers and the toggle itself. This is very difficult to undo under canopy with the suspended weight of the jumper - it was pretty difficult to undo even on the ground after recovering the canopy. I cutaway at 1800 feet and was under a reserve by 1600 feet or so. Tips and Lessons: 1. Look for your toggle when reaching them - the excess line stow might be flapping around 2. I learned a different technique to stow the excess lines - while absolutely nothing guarantees that they will not come undone in the future, the chances are reduced. Especially if you have thin lines and wide excess stow area
  14. sraja


    1) DZ Name Skydive Chicago 2) How many fun jumpers on the weekends visit? 50-60+ 3) How many fun jumpers on the weekdays visit? 10-20 4) Aircraft actively flying? 2 Otters fulltime 5) How many loads per aircraft per weekend day? 35+ 6) How many tandems on the weekends? 200+ 7) How many AFF level 1 in the FJC per an average weekend? 2+ 8) What do the skydivers do in the winter? I see a lot shut down???? go to Florida