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  1. totter

    Rebuilding a 182

    The above is from FAR Part 43, Appendix D. If you are going to own an aircraft then you may want to become familiar with the entire Appendix. But, in reference to your statement, the engine mount/s are required to be inspected. Also, even though it does not specifically call out for spark plugs they are part of the Ignition System which is required to be inspected as per Line (10). Every manufacture can have different procedures on HOW to do the inspect, so the FAA makes a general statement and it is up to the mechanic/IA to find out what the proper procedures are.
  2. Unless the FAA issues an AD that sets a Life Limit it is the manufacture that sets all Life Limits. And the only reason the FAA would issue an AD concerning the limit to an engine or its components would be if a failure/s occurred do to time/days in service.
  3. Depends on which country. If is Canadian registered its not to much of an issue. If its another country you may have a problem. All the US Airworthiness Directives must be complied with and if there are any mods to the aircraft (i.e. foreign STCs) the FAA must accept this as legal in the states. The reason I said Canadian would be easier is because the FAA (thanks to NAFTA) will accept Canadian STCs, 337s more readly. Do a thorough research of the aircraft you're looking at.
  4. Coldest I've ever jump in; It was minus 65F at altitude. No eyelashes freezing shut, though. Was out of a Porter whose door would not stay closed climbing. The person on the bench would have to hold their foot on it all the way to altitude to keep it closed.
  5. TK Are you in need of a picture to see if this mod will suit your needs or to see how everything is installed? If you need the info for installation have you contacted USPA to get duplicate info? If you are the purchaser of the STC, then the holder is required to support it as long as they hold that STC or stay in business.
  6. Unfortunately you are another victim of Skyride. SORRY
  7. totter