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  1. SpiritFingers


    Maybe it's Turtle flavored You can bring it over and we'll have the hubby cook it up and then we can find out... On second thought - it makes me think of Peanut and Sparky
  2. SpiritFingers


    i wonder what flavor it is...
  3. Dang... I thought this was a movie about the Stephen King book "Cell". I'll catch it on DVD.
  4. Damn girl you have talent. nice work (not because it was Angie...or not Angie) for those of you freaking out. edit: cause now the comparative shot is back...
  5. Wow i think you've done a great job with photoshop. I personally dont care if was a woman or a man. I'm no photoshop pro at all (or even a novice for that matter). But i would be interested in seeing the original photo just to compare. Well done... Angie should consider this look for next Halloween.
  6. I miss you beautiful girl. Happy Birthday!
  7. I think it completely depends on the program. I remember in little league (elementary school) we got pretty fair play time but still wanted to win. And yes scores were kept and the winning team got trophies... so we learned even though we all got to play - that there was still a winner. When i moved into Jr High School the rules changed. It then became about winning and playing as a team (no matter what role each player played). And our coaches were very up front about that. Its not about being fair anymore. Its about teaching a group how to work together and be a team. If we missed a practice the day before a game day - then we didn't play during that game. There were rules and playing was a privilege (not a right just cause we were on the team). We always had to prove ourselves and that made us an amazing team. We were in it to win. I honestly think that it all depends on the program and what exactly you are trying to teach these kids. Are you trying to teach them to be fair or to win?
  8. Yes, it was a pretty crazy flick...in the same catagory as American History X. Like I said not for eveyone but an interesting film if you can handle it.
  9. I watched this movie a few months ago and i still remember every bit of it. I loved it and it disturbed me all at the same time. I laughed and cried. It truly was an intense movie. Makes you sit and think. I also dont think its for everyone so if you decide to watch it make sure you know what youre getting yourself into. Like i said its really intense.
  10. I heard that too... however they been flying "Fleet Week" ever since i've been working downtown (8 yrs now). I know they were told not to buzz the buildings as close anymore. We once saw a pilot actually smile at us from what seemed like 50 feet (we were on the 19th floor)... Very NICE. But the cool part is that this year i get to watch them from 20 floors higher. Its so much better. Tomorrows show should be great... i hear the Airbus A380 is supposed to be out, as well as a P-51 Mustang. I'm so excited....
  11. I've heard the Thunderbirds are great...although i've never seen them. Enjoy!
  12. So i just spent the last hour watching the Blue Angeles buzz around the city and the bay. I'm on the 39th floor of a highrise at the end of Market St... and WOW. I cant wait for the show tomorrow. Damn they are cool. UGH now back to work.
  13. thank you - i need to learn how to do that. anyway watch the video... funny as hell.