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  1. Looking for estimate on what a just about new FF2 camera helmet for PC style is worth
  2. looking for focus chart DSE talks about . Trying to learn new cx110 for tandem videos . Thanks
  3. looking for the best mount for a cx110 need to get one asap . would like some input . thanks
  4. thats what it was looking like just praying i had a wrong setting or something. So it is still off to the store for a new one . Thanks again .
  5. will this camera record on memory stick just as good as with mini dv tapes
  6. Mike is great as long as you are not trying to reach him as your as DPRE . :)
  7. packing tabs are more for production purposes than anything else . It makes it much easier when inspecting before final seaming and bartacking .
  8. Actually it was Jay M. that did this mod . Mine is higher on the control lines .
  9. The Rage will pack very similar to a Stiletto 135 .
  10. Don't know if you're asking about Mel's rings . But if you are I can tell you that we have never used aluminum rings . There was a guy a couple of years ago using it and i think he has since changed . Joe
  11. Then why are you jumping a PD reserve loaded more than that since it's an old design also . Seen many a firelites loaded at 1.6 and higher that flew and landed just perfect . I have a half a dozen rides on the test rig that I jump loaded atleast 1.3 again with perfect landings . But since it's not PD it's an inferior design . I have jumped both of these reserves and would say the biggest difference is you can't sink the raven as well for a deep brake landing . I do work for Red at Flight Concepts from time to time so some might think I favor his products . I think all the manufacturers make some great products but not a single one makes the perfect chute for everyone . There's your unbiased opinion . Joe Bennett
  12. Red at Flight Concepts has been building them for awhile . We built one for a 7,000 sqft flag that even deployed a 26ft round as it was cut away . You can reach him at (770)279-7733 . Joe
  13. The rings will be ready this coming week . We apologize for the delay but we had to make sure they would be right and not too expensive . This way you don't have to put on the cloth rings and take them right back off again . Again sorry for the delay . Joe