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  1. Here is my Pilot 168: BLK, BLK, RED, RED, GRY, RED, RED, BLK, BLK (Hard to tell from the photo, I know :-P )
  2. Didn't M$ stop supporting 98 back in 2006? No security updates for you
  3. Here is a video of a (mostly) drogueless tandem... mostly, because they do deploy it a little before they pull the main canopy...
  4. Does anyone know who makes the skydiving stuffed animals that are in Square 1's catalog? My girlfriend has this stuffed animal that she loves and I want to get her a stuffed animal sized rig and goggles (not the entire stuffed animal) Thanks in advance!
  5. Yeah, I am looking for a ride too, because riding my motorcycle makes for a long ride, though you can't beat $5 for a gas round trip!
  6. I took my AFF and got my A at Skydive AZ, it really is a nice place to learn to skydive, they are all really friendly and want to help people learn the sport.
  7. Sweet thanks! ... just wanted to make sure!
  8. A while back I tried out a different type of canopy... I think that it is a Silhouette... but I am not sure The canopy is in the attachment below...
  9. Thanks to all... I only wish that Mirage had a larger canopy database!
  10. I am looking to buy a pilot 188, but am wondering if it would fit in my mirage m4 g4 rig... Any help is greatly :-) Thanks mucho! Matt
  11. I have been doing some research on ground launching and am wondering what type of canopy I should look into getting so I can practice some kitting. Thanks mucho! Edit: sorry I was in such a hurry I forgot important information! I weigh about 160 pds.
  12. Yeah the raven is manf in 1995, and the firelite in 1987... (missed the 8 there) :-) I weigh about 160 pounds, both seem in great cond. Raven is white, and firelite is light blue. I have a mirage m4 container and it says that it can hold a raven (g) I. And it looks to me like the lines on the firelite are a lot thicker (double that of the raven)
  13. Ok here is the deal, I have two reserves and am wondering which I should keep, one is a firelite 176 (manf 7ish) and the other is a raven (g) I, manf(95)... I am looking to put one of these into my mirage m4, and maybe sale the other one, if I can't find a use for it. Any suggestions about which one is a "keeper" Thanks!
  14. I was wondering if a mirage (g4, m4) would fit a Raven I (manf 95) for the reserve. Thanks, Matt
  15. I had to repeat level 1 once... I exited the otter in a good old "oh crap" position! (meaning i was a ball for about 4k) hehe