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  1. I have had this situation a number of times on tandem and sport rigs. My belief is that its the way we generally stow drogues and pilot chutes. I altered the way I stow both and have not had a recurrence in the last 6000 jumps. My theory is if the bridle exits from the bottom of the drogue/PC and is the first part stowed, this is where the problem arises!. As soon as you start to feed it into the pocket you can not see what is happening with the bridle and the periphery of the PC/Drogue and may half hitch at that point!. If you fold it so that all bridle exits out the top closest to the bridle protection cover the you know exactly what is happening with it! A malfunctioning drogue can result in bag lock and I have had them on both sport and tandem rigs. And a bag lock on a tandem is seriously the scariest potentially deadliest mal out out there!
  2. I have had 2 stilettos 1st purchased in 1993 still have it packed away and one purchased in 2013. For the jumps I do on it 90% AFF I would not swap it for any other canopy.
  3. Nothing in swoopware changed all 4 instances set up the same. The only change was the upgrade on the gopro!
  4. Thought it may be more a gopro problem than swoopware as another instructor with same model but not the upgrade is working fine. Will try Mick Hardy but didn't really want to bother him if i'm just a dumbass who can't set up his camera properly
  5. I recently upgraded my gopro software to 3.0 on a go pro 3 black. Now the photos extracted with swoopware editing system are severely affected by ghosting i.e double images. prior to the software upgrade they were perfect. Does anyone have any ideas on cam settings to rectify the problem. current settings are 1080 res at 25fps in pal format!
  6. It's not the D bag that causes the bag lock its the amount of drag supplied by the drogue. The greater the drag the less chance of a baglock. A standard sigma drogue in the collapsed configuration does not have enough drag to snap the elastic bands on the mouth of the bag. (keep the drogue inflated avoid the problem)
  7. Our company made the mods with extended kill lines nearly 2 years ago and the openings are not harder infact they are generally softer because you dont have increased fall rate due to the trapdoor. Also on the same note i have done nearly 3000 tandems on systems that deploy the canopy with fully inflated drogues before they collapse and the openings are the same'
  8. The solution is simple! Have the drogue collapse after the canopy is out of the bag the same as a sport rig deployment works. No more baglocks at normal deployment altitude and no more problems with risers not releasing! Problem fixed!
  9. Pull out reserve pilot chutes rigs have been on market for over 15 years "roochutes Australia" only problem is you can't fit a cypress
  10. Time to fuck that canopy off. If it aint open by 4000' i'm off it
  11. 4000+ tandems. General standup in mod breeze sit/slide in nil wind if in any doubt go for slide landing if they aint touching the ground the cant break anything