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  1. @ bofh. Pictures!!!! What do you think about the scirocco. Have you jumped it yet? How does it compare to a velo? Thanks... _______________________________________
  2. Thanks for the info....explains a lot. Maybe the poster should have put some text below the video... _______________________________________
  3. Enjoy http://youtu.be/ohBxepGxIxc Found this on youtube.......This is a cypres (according to facebook where I found the video). _______________________________________
  4. Haha - no, Sir! It was just a question asked out of curiosity. The mind wanders during the Midwest winter! _______________________________________
  5. I have a katana 135 and demoed a velo 120, 111 and 103. I made one jump on the velo 120 and handed it back to the pd-dude. Way too big, slow, non responsive enough. It felt like a boat. so yes...they do fly a little big so to say. I now have a velo 103..haven't made a lot of jumps on it yet but kinda miss my katana a little bit ... I don't think they have the same aspect ratio. The velo has a smaller AR as far as i know. _______________________________________
  6. .. +1 I think a sabre2 opens very nice...You can use rear riser or/and harnass to keep it on heading during opening. Generally speaking...if you want a fun parachute....you'll get fun openings ....just live with it and learn to fly your openings.. _______________________________________
  7. ...words of wisdom _______________________________________
  8. sabre2!!!! _______________________________________
  9. Well...they at least follow this thread :)...webpage already has been changed. Fortunatly aviacom has dz.com to keep them apprised of needed updates on manuals and webpages _______________________________________
  10. Telling someone when/how to flare is a bit difficult but I wouldn't flare later if I were you when winds are higher.. Just flare as you do normally do regardless of windconditions... it is just trial and error. If you know you flared too soon the other time..flare a little bit later and vice versa. Probably a good tip is to get some video of your landings and review them with an instructor/canopycoach. _______________________________________
  11. On their website.....lifetime of battery...AT LEAST one year an a standard battery.. http://www.argus-aad.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20:nice-idea-whats-the-battery-life&catid=7:maintenance&Itemid=32 _______________________________________
  12. Well...I have an argus and uptill now I didn''t have any trouble jumping it. I don't see any logic behind this requirement. I would very much like to know the reason behind this. First thing that comes to my mind is that aviacom is afraid the charge might not be sufficient to fully cut the loop while the display still says 'battery ok". I'm losing my confidence in this product edited to add: I also send them an email concerning the cutter replacement..never heard from them also.... _______________________________________
  13. Ok..great...thanks all _______________________________________
  14. no..."oh...boy..here we go..just need a yes or no..vector has all the data on their website, aerodyne has not. _______________________________________
  15. Hello, Is a velo 103 and an optimum 143 with aad a good combination for an icon i3?. I also would like to be able to put a velo 96 in it... Thanks _______________________________________