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  1. Fab

    Do Velocities "fly big"?

    I have a katana 135 and demoed a velo 120, 111 and 103. I made one jump on the velo 120 and handed it back to the pd-dude. Way too big, slow, non responsive enough. It felt like a boat. so yes...they do fly a little big so to say. I now have a velo 103..haven't made a lot of jumps on it yet but kinda miss my katana a little bit ... I don't think they have the same aspect ratio. The velo has a smaller AR as far as i know.
  2. Fab

    Canopy Comparison

    http://www.parachute.nl/fileadmin/knvvlpa_upload/pdf/BVR_bijlage_B_versie_2010_juni.pdf Here is a dutch list of mains and in which category's they fall. The higher the category, the more aggresive the canopy is...basically that translates to off heading openings...more dive in turns...less recovery...more fun :)... katana/crossfire2 is category 4 (isn't listed)... You're now in category two....if you want a more zippy parachute you could get a sabre2 (cat 3)... read reviews on mains here in dz and talk to friends on your dz and demo a lot of canopies...
  3. Fab

    Canopy progression

    Sabre2-135 would be a nice choice? Try to demo that one.
  4. Fab

    Paraclub Beromünster

    Visited this DZ but due to bad weather I only got to make 1 jump. Very nice DZ and friendly atmosphere. Will visit this DZ again when I'm in the neighbourhood. It's a small DZ but very nice.. Can recommend it....
  5. Fab

    Para Centro Locarno

    Visited this DZ when I was on vacation in Switzerland. It has the nicest scenery I ever saw from the sky. Mountains, lakes...just breathtaking. Cool people over there and nice jumping. It's a busy airport though. Landingarea is surrounded by air-strips, helikopterpads etc. You have to be very careful under canopy and watch where you are going. Only thing I didn't like very much was an instructor which literally said: I'm an instructor, when I say you close your chinstrap of you helmet in the plane you do that (was wearing one but close it always before exit, putting on goggles etc). I'm not a student, nor do I need to be treated as one. Aside from the annoying instructor this is a very cool DZ. Can recommend for experienced skydivers..
  6. What is wrong with giving advice to someone with lesser jumps? You don't necessarily have to follow it or anything. Do you know with only 100 jumps you will probably drift alot (cover a lot of horizontal distance) when you are trying to go head down..at the risk of running into someone during freefall?
  7. Fab

    Outrageous Mal

    I know this instructor and DZ as I jump there myself..The jumper isn't pushed but helped trying to exit stable and have the static line deploy the chute as fast as possible as this wasn't the best s/l student as you could see. I believe this student had some previous jump in which he also exited unstable. This instructor isn't a dick. Be a little bit more carefull with your statements Jumpers are never pushed at this dz
  8. Fab


    The pilot is a little more docile than a sabre2/safire2. The pilot will recover from a turn/dive more quickly. Sabre2 has more flare in the beginning of the stroke then the pilot. They both land pretty easily I think. There are lots of threads/reviews between these chutes...try a search and you will find what you're looking for..
  9. Fab

    Icon Sport

    Just bought an icon i5 with a pilot 168 and smart 175. Based my decision on the canopy chart from Aerodyne. Whatever the chart sais..Don't buy a smart 175 with this size rig. It is just too big and you will regret it. I ended up with buying a different reserve. My recommendation to Aerodyne is to change the chart. Otherwise I have nothing but praise for this rig...it looks great and fits perfectly although I would like to have seen cut-in laterals on the I5.
  10. Fab

    Downsizing too much?

    You can't expect a clear answer on that question if you don't post your jumpnumbers and exitweight.. It is always a good idea to downsize one step at a time...first try out a 170 a couple of times before going eventually to a 150
  11. Fab


    This was my first visit abroad to a DZ. It was a very pleasant experience and I will return here in the near future. There is very friendly atmosphere and everyone is willing to help you get started but there were only two or three people who could speak english. It's France afterall so that was to be expected of course. They have two very nice looking Pilatus Porters and therefore lots of lift capacity. Landings are in front of the hangar which I thought was pretty cool as I never done that before. Compared to the Netherlands prices are also very friendly. 20 euros/13000ft and rental gear is only 7 euros. The choice of gear is excellent..they have something for everyone.
  12. am now slowly and carefully trying to make somewhat swoopy landings with my front risers after talking to some experienced people at my DZ.
  13. Fab

    Post your Mirage Pics

    I like the text on your handles....that's funny
  14. Fab

    Sonic Airware website

    www.sonicflywear.com I even made it a clicky for you...