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  1. Ok, that makes sense and has is essentially what we do in Frozen Mexico. Although communication is from both Instructors and we are both ready to switch roles ( Main side sometimes becomes Reserve side after the exit :P)and we both ride through deployments. I do recall watching a video during my AFFI that showed an instructor ( in Japan) riding through a bag lock and cutting away for the student although I think it's better to allow the student to rely on his training and hence there should be great emphasis placed on EP's during the FJC.
  2. If you think it's a good idea to reach above the main container to help launch a main, yes. If you think you'll be able to hang on long enough after a main deploys to pull a cutaway handle, yes. Done it many times to help get a d-bag out, don't see the issue, and if the main comes out then duh not gonna be around, bag comes out and is all rat fucked and bag locked, pretty feasible to pull a cutaway handle on a high speed Mal. -Mark
  3. To re-itterate, my understanding of the protocol was Reserve side to ride through the deployment, not for anyone to leave prior to initiation of the pull sequence. As for reaching above the container, I don't personally see any issues with this, I've assisted many d-bag lift offs. I don't have to fly my whole body over the student to to this, and a single reach and pull of my hand will not affect anything. More specifically, the protocol, as was explained to me, was that during the deployment, so once the pilot chute and dbag are coming off, THEN the main side leaves while Reserve side follows through the remainder of the deployment. Once again this doesn't make any sense to me because if shits already coming out, makes more sense in my mind for the main side to follow through.
  4. Riddle me this, I've had this conversation with a few other AFF instructors and we came to the same conclusion. Why is it protocol for Reserve side instructor to ride through the deployment vs. main side? The only way I see how this makes any sense is if theres nothing out going through the hard deck, in which case the student and main side Instructor have already failed to do their job. If theres anything out, something is gonna have to happen on the right side ( I.e. pull the bag off or the cutaway handle) prior to the Reserve coming out. Seems like a job better suited for the Main side instructor vs. the Reserve side trying to reach underneath to handle shit. Or am I just crazy?!
  5. FWIW, We have a lot of tandem gear for sale, only strong DHT though I believe.
  6. I think it's more and more common now to go with the elbow drop. " Dipping the shoulder" translates to too much torso rotation, causing movement to transfer directly down to the hips and actually has more of a tendency to flip a student on their back if their a bit too overzealous with it or in lesser cases, still battling a stability issue to not flip over, while still trying to perform a turn.
  7. 2 reserve ride in 500 tandems, both with the new TNT system. 1 was a knotted up drogue bridle ( so short, it was practically sitting on top of the main tray) Went straight reserve as it looked like the drogue/bridle was somehow wrapped around the main tray and the reserve tray was clear. 2 was a 3 ring flip, locking both instructor and secondary handles in place. Was certainly fun trying to peel out the cutaway cables while the secondary had the cutaway put locked in place, got it out and went to reserve.
  8. Gone, But NEVER FORGOTTEN. Our friend, and Brother, Darryl Deagle left life's party early, on August 13th, 2011. Thankfully, his kick-ass spirit will always live on through us forever, until we sail again together among the clouds. Blue Skies good friend, until we meet again. Three Cheers For Darryl
  9. i'm on par with texas...maroon warned!
  10. To me, there's two reasons one would want to remove their slider, as mentioned throughout this post (A) For HP Canopies/Pilots looking to reduce drag and optimize wing shape/performance. (B) For ANY jumper who's looking to increase their visibility range and circle of awareness while under canopy. I don't think any body should be criticized for wanting a greater field of view under Canopy, and recognition and the desire for said awareness should be encouraged regardless of experience level. Keep in mind that the highest percentage of skydiving injuries/incidents occur under functioning canopies and are mostly all related to poor awareness of surroundings, leading to canopy collisions. Having a removable slider can greatly increase the pilot's ability to more effectively be aware of what's happening in the sky around them. This especially can be beneficial for anybody venturing out to a larger dropzone, or organized events and boogies. In saying that, it is always a good idea for anyone considering this option to discuss it with more experienced jumpers ( and i don't mean the guy who has 100 jumps more than you) and to let them know you're reasoning behind wanting to do so, as well as discuss the importance of gear and rigging with regards to the individuals specific set-up. This is also important because, having a removable slider with a factory set short chest strap (common with Wing's containers) will allow for greater field of view, without really increasing performance because the chest strap still limits the canopies ability to "open up", where as a removable slider and a long chest strap fully loosened, would give more performance to the wing ( granted variables with sqft/wingloading.) KNow what you want, do the research, and discuss it with the people who know a lot about it. Always make safety the number 1 priority and don't get yourself in over your head. My 2 cents
  11. Theory: They wanted footage of her sitting near the open door by herself, before she was hooked up to the tandem master. So she needed her own rig for safety in case she fell out. And then once that task was done and the door closed, they removed the student rig and hooked her up to the tandem master for her jump. The picture was taken on the tarmac! Don't think a reserve is gonna do her much good from 4 ft AGL!
  12. haha sorry, i'm new to this site and havent had a chance to create a profile. Moncton is New Brunswick Canada, I'm trying to do what I can on behalf of the owners of the drop zone
  13. Does anybody know where i would be able to find an otter, jump modified of course, in order to hold a boogie at skydive moncton this summer? They ususally have one every summer but for some reason this year its a no show.