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  1. Funny enough, I did ask. The coating of sail doesn’t go away, it will always be more rigid than ZP. Also note that ZP gets softer as time goes on but the coating on it doesn’t flake away. I’m not flying a peregrine, but I do have a petra with approx 350 jumps on it and there is no ‘flaking’. However, getting back to hybrid valkyries, the hybrid will always outperform regular zp.
  2. Thanks for the response. This is quite interesting, I don’t remember PD saying anything like this. I’ll have to put it to the test. My hybrid valk has approx 200-250 jumps now and the ribs are not showing any sign of deterioration.
  3. Hey man, got 2 questions for you. 1. Will sail ribs on a hybrid valkyrie just loose the coating and become just like a normal Valkyrie? If so I guess this process would be quicker than 300 jumps? 2. What is the best way to store/keep full sail wings? Keeping it loose in a garbage bag? Thanks
  4. The first one looked good ;) JK...good job. I'm good with 270, trying to understand 450.
  5. Hey, what's your starting altitude at the top and at the snap? (For these jumps in particular)
  6. >>I know it to be true from experience and observation
  7. I gots questions...and obviously no coach, lol. So using weights changes wing loading BUT.... I have a feeling it is not the same as downsizing on the same model...or is it? Let's be specific, if I have a VC90 and my exit weight is 180lb. AND I have a weight belt with 0-22lb range. Therefore, my loading could be between 2.0-2.24. If there were no weights and I downsized the canopy only (same model), it would look like this: VC90 @ 2.0 VC84 @ 2.14 VC79 @ 2.27 VC75 @ 2.4 So the question is...would the weight belt substitute canopy size for progression? I have a feeling its NO, probably something to do with how big the wing is... drag factor. If you know for sure the scientific answer with the math, let me know!!! Set me straight mofos :D
  8. I want to see your right side rotation approaches....270's and 450's. Let's limit it to ones that crush the target only. 'Cmon, time to brag :)
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. I guess the changeable version is the most simple and versatile option. And yes sorry I did get my wl incorrect. It is 1.77 (geez). I'm not in a hurry so will fly conservatively for a while.
  10. Hey everyone, I have recently downsized to a Katana 107, loading it approx 1.89. I realize I am only starting to learn how to swoop in a fairly serious capacity. I was on a Stiletto 120 for the last +\-350 jumps and feel good under that canopy. That's the background rumble, so I am trying to decide between a cypress or a cypress speed. I understand the regular cypress activates at 78mph and the speed at 96mph and turns off at 330 ft. My questions are: 1- Will I even be accelerating to these speeds under my current canopy if I am performing 270's from around 700ft? 2- What canopy would be required to reach these speeds when performing 270's? (Approx 190lb with gear). Also taking into notice that the next logical step is a cross braced canopy (I assume this makes a difference). Our season is over here, otherwise I would take a speed tracking device with me.
  11. That's what I thought it was but wasn't 100%. Thanks for clearing it up for me :)
  12. I'm reading the PD Katana flight charachteristics and came across this phrase: " Experienced high-performance pilots understand the concept of being “in the corner,” and know that it is both dangerous and inefficient." What does this mean exactly?
  13. Thanks for the replies, it's what I figured. The trouble is I already have the thing, so I'll have to make do. But...I just ordered the small quad quick release off paragear, I think it may be filed/grinded enough to make it work. We shall see... Thanks again.
  14. Hello, I read the other thread on this topic and some had suggested that because the memory card slot is on the bottom, this would make it difficult to deal with in between loads. It was also noted that a quick release plate such as the goldmember could be grinded to allow quick access. My question is, does anyone actually use this camera professionally and more specifically, if they have it on a quick release that allows quick access to the memory card? Thank you.
  15. Seriously? Nobody has any good links?
  16. Hi All, Trying to learn HD...please post some good video links if you know of any. Cheers, Vlad
  17. Let me clear the air...he didn't grab me and make me unstable. We were face to face I grab his right hand with my right hand, then his left with my left and he just flips me on my back still holding on. Still stable just got flipped...he did it on purpose. EDIT: I realize I am not there yet. I am starting the process of becoming ready. I am not here to argue but to learn, and I am listening to what you all have said and I really do appreciate the time you have taken to do so. I also realized I shouldn't make certain comments without properly explaining myself. Maybe you are right as well, that even though he did flip me, he shouldn't have been able to, but I did not know he would. Thank you, that has reinforced my knowledge base. I do hope to be there in aproximately 50 more jumps, but it may be that I will need many more and am being unrealistic.
  18.'t employee working in a materiels management role. But my educational background is in supply chain management...streamlining operations, cutting waste, taht sort of thing.
  19. Point taken, but just to let you know, this story was not made up. It happened to a guy I know, a guy who almost klilled himself and he drilled it to me that have a harddeck. And yes, I was aware that you would have to be freeflying for this. "If it's not perfectly clear to you within 10 or 15 seconds of exit that things aren't right when a TI forgets to set the drouge, you have no business shooting video" It's good talking about this because now I will keep that in my mind. But before, I might not have...not when I'm actually in freefall. It's one thing to respond when you're sitting behind a desk and another when you're standing up with a drogueless tandem right in front of you and all you're trying to do is communicate to them to save their lives. "No offence, but you've posted some ideas that show a fundamental lack of forethought. Break off from a tandem? Drougless tandems down to Cypres fire altitude with you filming the whole time? Do either of those seem based in reality?" None taken. Again in reality...not likely but still there I think.
  20. Thank you, this actually helped me quite a lot. "Close the Gap"...that one thing that stuck out in my mind and made it clear. When you put it like that it doesn't seem so Forgive me, I should have also mentioned my experience. I have been doing RW and coach jumps (as in getting coaching)...expanding into 20 ways at times...but I can see exactly how the skills transfer from one to the other. Closing the gap...will practice that one more just so I know I can. I have already been jumping with tandems...probably around 10 jumps and for one of them I was there the whole time and the tandem master felt comfortable enough to take grips with me and flip me upside camera on that jump My profile says 'A', but I have all the prereq's for my B, I still need to write the exam. As for hard decks, yes I realize all that and I did take the time to think about this but also think about this. The tandem master forgets to pull his drogue..jumping a sigma...he's pulling but nothing's happening. Suddenly the cypress fires and you realize you're below 2 in complete freefall!!! Yea, hardecks...same with groups who continue to turn points below planned breakoff. It sounds simple, just wanted to hear what other people have planned for those cases.
  21. Sorry, let me address this more thoroughly. King Air has a step and handle, low stabilizer. Piper...made a few (maybe 20?). It's very similar to the king air but since it isn't turbine, it doesn't fly as fast (I assume). And thank you for the luck
  22. Reading what everyone has said so far. Thank you for your input. Here's a picture of the Piper:
  23. Because I'm in the geographical location that I am, theer are many options for aircraft available to me. I am in driving distance to several dropzones. They have King Airs, cessna's and a Piper PA-31 Navajo. The piper though is what I will be flying the most I believe. What do you mean by "Can you fly a column of air in a fat/dumb/happy slot? If not, learn to."?