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  1. VegasBrad

    Freefall Xtreme

  2. VegasBrad

    iFLY Orlando
  3. VegasBrad

    Under armour for tunnel flying

    I would recommend the thermal layers/Under Armour because it's probably going to be cold! I was there in early March once and we flew early in the morning, was so cold I could hardly move! That was my experience, hopefully some AZ people can chime in.
  4. VegasBrad

    Number of tunnels

    I can't beat it but I can match it: Flyaway Vegas Flyaway Tennessee L-1 Skyventure NH iFly Hollywood iFly SF Bay Skyventure Perris Skyventure AZ Skyventure CO Freefall Extreme New Zealand
  5. VegasBrad

    Wind tunnels in Brazil?

    I went to Brazil a couple years ago and did a lot of looking for tunnels down there, even had my Brazilian girlfriend search Portuguese language sites. There is a Skyventure tunnel somewhere, probably near Sao Paulo, that is owned by the military but is rumored to allow the public one day a week or one day a month. I didn't have any luck contacting them. There was supposedly portable tunnel located at a dropzone outside Sao Paulo, but it had moved or was no longer operational by the time I got there. I plan to return to Brazil in December and will be looking in to it again, if I have more luck this time I'll make a post.
  6. VegasBrad

    Thank you Fly Away Las Vegas

    Glad you had fun, thanks for the kind words! I'll pass the message on to the staff, they do indeed rock.