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    Wings Container model W24, DOM 2006, 600 jumps Reserve: Raven Dash 218, DOM 2006, no rides Main: Flight Concepts, Rage 170, DOM 2009, 300 Jumps RSL No AAD $2500 Rig was built for me when I weighed 205lbs, I am 5’8”. I had a Fusion 210 in it when purchased. Great starter rig!


    Clewiston, Florida - US

  2. The Caravan returns and we will be celebrating it November 28th, 29th and 30th. There will also be a Helicopter jumps on Saturday 28th. 4-Way Scramble / Demo Gear / Raffle / Food. Grab your gear and see you there!! John Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  3. Anybody going to the Skydive SWFL Caravan Boogie Dec 1-3, 2007 in Punta Gorda? I hear they have the caravan back. Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  4. I am a regular at Skydive SWFL. I love it. I have been skydiving with them for almost 4 years. They are a very safety oriented dropezone that does not take the fun out skydiving. The dropzone itself is growing into a very nice DZ (soon to have a tiki hut to hang out in) The owners really take care of us. They bleed blue skies We also have some great locals that keep the place up. We camp out there often. They have the extras like firepit, camping, showers and wireless internet. They just cleared out more area for the high performance landings. We have an assortment of jumpers with a range of talent and skill so we all benefit from each other. I am out there every weekend so just ask for John and we'll do some jumping. Shoot me an email if you want to know more. Hope to see you soon Blue skies Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  5. I also know the dropzone and they run a very safe fun DZ. They are only out to provide the skydiving community a great place to jump. It is idiots like you all that only want to harm a reputation of a small business owner for trying to make it. I have seen alot of web pages out there doing the same trick to get on the search engines. It's just that. nothing unethical. They are not lying about anything. Its truly amazing that in our great skydiving community that we find poeple like you all with nothing better to do than bad mouth a great dropzone. Why can't you just be jump and be happy and stop bashing people for trying keep a small DZ open. Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  6. I am still a little unsure which of these settings on the alti-track is best form my skydiving. The manual is not as clear as I would like. Does anybody have anymore info on these? And which you prefer? Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  7. I hear you cleared out a huge lot ther and building a new packing area. Wanted to know if you are going to have camping there? Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  8. I heard you cleared out a huge space just for the jumpers there with new packing area? Can I camp out there? Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  9. Cool I will be there. Been looking forward to a boogie in this area!!!!! Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  10. Skydive Swfl will have a helicopter on Nov 2-3 Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  11. So does the halloween party start the weekend before and go until Oct 31 or will it be on Tuesday Oct 31. It suck being on a tuesday. I beleive I will show up for the weekend. Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  12. Does anyone know what, if anything is going on at Lake Wales for Halloween? Thier calendar is not working? Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  13. ...and the last few jumpers contribute to that smell in the plane!!! Weather forecast for tonight: dark
  14. Last Weekend Try to make it every weekend and heading back on Sunday