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  1. i'm going to redo the soundtrack for my 1st jump vid. i'm trying decide what to use. there are so many cool songs that have either uplifting lyrics or beats that just seem to go so well with skydiving. when i finally have my A i want to get filmed on a few jumps and put a 3-4 minute video together. on part of it i want to use keoki's "smile". what type of techno do you like to spin? diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  2. the local talk radio station and the savage nation. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  3. yes we are. all are welcome and invited to join the services, to visit the altar of the crushing sound. to have your spirits lifted by the pounding drums, fast aggressive guitars, and the throbbing keyborads. to sing along to the hymns led by reverend al. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  4. i don't really fly like a superhero. i kind of float a few feet above the ground and glide around like i've got rockets on my shoes or something. been doing it in all kinds of dreams for years. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  5. congrats. glad you stuck it out. i had a few seconds of brain lock on my level 2. luckily, i came out of it on the third practice touch signal. i still passed but i did'nt get to do the left turn. weather permiting- i'll be doing my level 4 this weekend. BTW level 3 is the least task oriented so enjoy the ride. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  6. do as many aff jumps as financially possible (hopefully get my A) buy some gear- alti., helmet, goggels. ect. have fun and learn alot. non skydiving goal- buy a stingray. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  7. it ranges from 2.08 to 2.30 depending on what part of houston you're in. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  8. i bought my tix back in nov. can't wait! plus i'm making the roadie to see them the next night with my friend who lives in san antonio. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  9. what she said. also it's bieng able to use the wisdom of your past to have a better future. i.e. learning from your mistakes and triumphs. and remember growing up/ maturing is a never ending process. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  10. not at all. i found the irony in that the model of the vehicle has "wind" in it. because as skydivers we look at wind differently. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  11. i'm a delivery driver for a printing company in houston, and while driving today i saw a green ford windstar with "SKY DIV" on the liscense plate. it also had a uspa sticker up on the back window. i tried to get next to it to say hello, but i got caught at a light. i found it ironic that a sykdiver drives a "windstar". just thought i'd share. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  12. if you have a tracking number, you can go to the ups web site and find out where your package is, where it's been, and the times it was scanned at each location. otherwise give them a call. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  13. no. i need as few distractions as possible. driving in houston is crazy. aside from having to watch for the latest construction lane reconfigurations you have to be on the look out for the people not paying attention because they're on thier cell phones. then you've got the rice burners who weave in and out of traffic at 90 while most of the other cars are already going 75. it's wild fun on the freeways of h-town. i think alot of mini vans are coming with tvs as a marketing tool. but the funniset thing with tvs in cars is when there's a custom audio visual install with multiple giant speakers and then there's all these little 7 inch tv screens. i just don't get it. if you're going to have big sound, why not have a big screen. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  14. i drove a 98 sentra until a jerk ran a red light and totalled it back in jan. now i'm saving up to live a long time dream of owning a Stingray. till then i'm renting/ driving the 01 saturn of my friend who bought a mini van after the birth of his second child. diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  15. the dance scene rules!! "canned heat" is a great song and the moon boots he has on are classic. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  16. hi all, being a huge music fan, just thought i'd see what my fellow skydivers like to jam to on the way to the DZ. and what you like to hear on the drive home? me- on the way there i like fast stuff like: slayer and pantera or some guitar music by john 5 or paul gilbert. on the drive home i like to chill and reflect on the day so i'll listen to: tool or kyuss, or some trance like christopher lawerance or tiesto. how about you? cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  17. this is perfectly understandale. you went from a familiar rig to one that was larger and heavier, thus kind of taking you out of your comfort zone- gear wise. it's kind of like if you owned and drove a stingray daily then you have to drive pick up to move one weekend, you know how to drive but you're apprehensive about driving the bigger, bulkier vehicle. try not to dwell on the gear change and just have fun jumping. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  18. i live in magnolia. it's only about a 20 min. drive to skydive houston. hoping to do my level 4 the 25. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  19. i did my level 3 this past weekend. i was pretty nervous about being let go of by the instructors. but i' d been practicing arching and studying my sim, so i felt ready. get to the dz and start going over things with the instructor. start feeling less nervous. we go up, smooth exit at 13.5. i do the 1st coa at about 12, my pt. get some hand signals to fix my body position. do my 2nd coa at 10. things are still cool. then the instructors let go. i stay pretty stable, start to spin but i correct it. check my alti. next thing i know, my velocity goes up and, i'm vertical (feet first). then i feel my legs hit something and i twist to the right a bit. ARCH!! is all that went through my mind. i arched as hard as i could, recovered, got stable and waved off and pulled at 6. what had happened. is that i got caught by a wind gust and blown above one of my instructors. they stole my air so that's what stood me up. and i hit thier legs with mine as i fell past them. i know my story isn't extreme as most of the other ones on this section but i thought i'd share. mainly because my being able to remember my training and react and recover, has increased my confidence. and while i felt silly practicing arching on my living room floor. it sure paid off. so to any students reading this- practice arching. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  20. hi all. i made my first skydive back on my birthday in dec. 05'. went the aff route and loved it! i'm heading over to incidents to relay what happened on my level 3 this past weekend. cheers diamonds are a dawgs best friend