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  1. By the way: 6:30 PM 11.09.07 enjoy Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  2. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2989301;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  3. This is the TV-show, not the movie. It is one of this seasons Focused-episodes. 30 min program. Nice fotage of ws-base from the northwestern region of Norway. Not all of the TV-show is that disgusting;) Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  4. Four norwegian, one french and three american basejumpers together with Matchstick Production made a TV-show this summer. For about 10 days we tried to capture proximity flying at its best. Some of those jumps are seen on the trailer with the Loic-interview that has been discussed earlier here. Check out www.rushhd.com Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  5. The clips are from one of the episodes of Focused shown on the american digital tv-channel Rush HD. It is produced by MSP (Matchstick Productions). They usually release every seasons episodes on a DVD. Highly recommended;) And no...I do not think anybody will land a wingsuit The yellow suit is a prototype based on Acro and made by Robert P. He has also made one of the other suits used on this clips. If something comes out of this prototypes, it will be a suit for acro-, proximity- and newbeginner flying. It will rock tha f... lower airspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  6. The leap into modern proximity ws-flying was done by Jean-Loic Albert a couple of years ago. To discuss others influence on proximity flying without mentioning him is strange. He is the reference to all proximity flying in Norway. But it should be mentioned that he is almost doing another sport compared to, VKB, Jeb, Luigi and the rest of the basejumping community. If you want to see the future of what is actually possible to do with a WS(with perfect control), you should look to France. When Loic has done something, you do not discuss it, you just try and learn. Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  7. 27 7 Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  8. FatSnake

    G3-suit. VKB

    About the effects of close proximity: Have't felt any difference while flying close. Regarding turbulence: From time to time windy conditions occur. I tend to fly a little less close in those situations. And while I am writing, not that it is an answer to any the earlier posts. There are in my opinion two easy and basic rules for for close flying: 1. Fly down to objects, not above objects 2. Fly towards objects, not away from objects If rules are followed a human mistake will take you further away from danger. On video it is hard to see, but in reality it normally means you dive while flying. Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  9. High Performance BirdMan sponsored Ingar "Igor" Strand is trying to compete with his norwegian VKB friends on the homemade marked. That picture gives me good memories of all our trips together, as well as his ability to think futuristic. Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  10. FatSnake

    G3-suit. VKB

    Oh...It is even more beautiful. I can promise you those armwings get attached after his arms get into tracking position. I don't dare tell why, in case Mr Lucky L. view it as an industrial secret PS: It is 3k to the other side of that valley where he jump. When he reached the other side he had to turn down valley to keep on flying that futuristic thing! I am proud to be a friend of such freakin scientist!!! Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  11. I'm sorry. I do not have any rights regarding the two pictures. But don't be surprised if you see more pictures from Bispen next year and the year after that. With all those tourists taking shots of jumpers there, somebody will get a unique picture soon. Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  12. I'll drink to that Martin Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  13. Guidelines considered...this is a story about the first ws-jump from Bispen in Romsdalen and why it is a special place. "Subterminal" asked for some stories... Bispen was jumped slider-up in 1999. After a trip there in 2002 I knew it could be a possibility for ws higher up the wall. In july I went up alone. Everybody else was participating on a baseevent further down the valley. It took me 1 our to hike after parking my car on top of Trollstigen. I could see that the wall was split in two by a huge cliff. I was worried this could become too marginal. The first small rock hit that cliff. 5 sec. I dropped another one with the same angle as a good exit would give me. 10 sec. Yes. Marginal, but an easy call. Between me and the landing was the spectacular Trollstigen road. Norways second biggest tourist attraction. The jump would show if I was able to actually fly over it. I geared up, while talking to my self about how to do this in a good way. I was extra nervous. The weather was perfect, no point to hesitate. 3-2-1...I cleared that cliff with pretty good margin. Now it was time to fly. The first 10 sec it seemed impossible to reach that road. After 15 I could see I would make it. I attacked the angle, increased speed, passed it right above a camper, turned towards landing area and pulled after 40 sec. Bispen has been jumped a lot the last two months. It is one of the most marginal places we have, but it is also unique, with the possibility to pass the civilization with only meters... A dream flight for experienced...but a nightmare if you do not start to fly. The pictures tells it all. PS: Pictures are taken by no jumpers. Credits to them! PPS: After considering guidelines I feel that it is no problem to tell this story. But I would like to say that this jump is the one you do after a long summer, when you have done all other things that can be done here in Norway. Thank you to everyone that came to Norway and joined me for trips this summer! See ya next year... Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  14. FatSnake

    The F-word

    That's the coolest builing/jump/project I've seen in a long time. This is not burning a building. This is just cool. Respect...to people who just do it...and don't sit around talk about things that are already done, and they wanted to do, but can not do, because of this and that and those and these... I got an idea...I'am gonna call NIKE; Just do it Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com
  15. FatSnake

    modified rig..

    QuoteNo, i am serious. ian You made a point Ian, and it is a valid point. It shouldn't be necessary to offend other jumpers. Respect Fly low, pull high....VKB#7 http://www.fatsnake.com