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  1. Last time I saw Spike and the Beech was when we jumped in to the Rudder Room bar on the beach in Oxnard a few weeks before the Taft accident. I went up to Taft and saw Art afterwards. It was all so very sad. What an incredible loss. RIP Alvin Autry, 42, D-4197 Robert Brotnow, 44, D-7700 Martin Estrada, 36, Richard E. Hayden, 36, D-6228 Kathy Kinzer, 26 Gary L Kriebel, 28 David Lindeman, 41 Michael Lombardo, 35, C-2523 Glenn W Racich, 42 Brady Sanders, 59, C-4129 James K Sword, 22 Etoula van Pelt, 38, D-6772 Terry Ward, 40 Monty H. 'Spike' Yarter, 65, pilot John C-3344
  2. I'm looking to contact a few friends from the early 80's making the Rudder Room jumps at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, Ca. Mary Lesh was on a few of those jumps. She was a Southern California jumper and member of the USC skydiving club. Anyone in touch with her ? John Moore
  3. You have probably got this all figured out by now, but I'd be interested in what machine you selected. The difference between the 304 and 308 stitch is one of strength. The older military canopies with 550 cord specified a 308 double throw stitch. Modern rigs are made much lighter than the old military gear in almost every category. If you are repairing one of these you would need a machine to produce the required stitch, whether it's a double throw zig zag stitch or a double needle 301 for binding. I always try to reproduce the original manufacturers methods. Did you get a harness machine? Thanks John
  4. Bill used to spot me out of the Howard at Arvin back in '65. We both lived at Oxnard then. I had less than 6 jumps then and Bill helped me a lot. RIP Bill.
  5. Jyanks

    Rolleigh Collins

    Here are some links to posts on some climbing forums. All are in tribute to Rolleigh and will give some depth to his achievements. RIP Rolleigh http://joshuatreeclimb.com/forums/joshuatreeclimb/posts/29656.html http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=166349&f=0&b=0 http://joshuatreeclimb.com/forums/joshuatreeclimb/posts/29656.html