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  1. My back hurts just watching those videos...Good on you for not looking up at those openings.
  2. An Onyx is allowable under 200 jumps... Seems to be a bit more of a handful than a Stiletto IMO. Then again, my Finnish is a bit rusty.
  3. Not to hijack this thread, but I had to stop using my paraconcepts rings for the same reason. Brand new lines turned disgusting on my vx after 150 jumps. The rings had developed distinct grooves in the high wear areas that are both visible and detectable by touch. Very soft metal that is just wearing away on the lines. These might just be defective and likely do not reflect everyones experiences with them.
  4. I only knew Howard for the 7 years I have been in the sport, but he has made an immense impression on me. I will severely miss having a beer and cigar with that man. Cheers Howard.
  5. Love this one of Phil Peggs swooping over me.
  6. It looks like they have at least 2 different R&D canopies. One that looks a lot like a velo, and a nine cell with similar shape to the petra.
  7. At 3:50 and 5:59, is that Jay jumping a Petra, or a new PD R&D canopy?
  8. Here is a video of two openings which shows exactly what is going on. I do a standard pro pack with the slider positioned just like a comp velocity with snaps (mine has no snaps). Yes this line set was made by nzaerosports, and they have agreed to help me get an HMA lineset to replace this one.
  9. I was going to try a larger size if they offer it. Cant afford relining that frequently. If that sounds like it will create more problems, then I may be forced to change canopies... Sounds like the may be size specific, since they cant test all sizes and configurations. I wonder if a slightly different size would eliminate or reduce this.
  10. Good to hear. If this keeps knotting (2 in 150 jumps. 1 cutaway), then ill try hma before saying goodbye to this awesome wing.
  11. Is there any line type you would recommend to minimize this problem? These lines are still quite new to feel and appearance, with little wear to the lines and grommets.
  12. Thats what I thought. Is anyone seeing this on other hp canopies, or is this specifically jvx? I love this canopy, and would hate to change due to increased malfunction rate; my only cutaway was a tension knot after an ideal snivel on this canopy. I also only noticed this after reviewing videos, and have never seen it during jumps.
  13. Here is a sample of of 6 openings. Despite what the lines are doing, all of these opened beautifully soft and on heading. I apologize for the lack of quality of these photos. Just switched to mac, and imovie is refusing to work with anything that touched sony vegas. Screenshots are the best that I could get. Btw I am a very neat packer, and initial snivels show no slack lines on any of these openings.