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  1. HIGHLY visible. Freeze frame video just means that others dont think you're talking shit and exaggerating!
  2. definetly not in my experience (and also mmm_peanuts). like I said, the change FROM vectran to HMA stopped all of my tension knot problems. When I spoke to Jim Slaton he didn't really have any answers/explanations other than he commented that hardly any people have vectran lines on their JVX's. Not sure as to the truth of this.
  3. You seem to have the exact problem that I had previously with my JVX90!! I lasted about 5 chops (tension knots)before getting pissed off. I made the change from vectran lines (tension knots and loose lines) to the blue HMA lines and have since (2-300 jumps) had NO issues. Can not give any explanations just that I do not get any loose lines with HMA on opening. MEL, I hope this will not be the case with technora as I am wanting a reline. I have sent you an email. Jim
  4. you can get the original for sale posting by looking for cached pages on the net. Google "dropzone classifieds 78546" and then instead of hitting the main link, hit cached. The original posting will come up. Jim
  5. Very bad idea of using slinks with sigma mains - as others posted the width of dacron lines leads to VERY fast wear on the slinks. We also got wear on the tip of the risers where the brakelines were coming through the slider grommet (even to the extent we had to ground a pair of risers).
  6. Done a search here but nothing came up. My dropzone needs to come up with a good/not overly expensive/reasonable wearing solution to slider bumpers for our tandem sigma canopies. We have tried various plastic tubing - some is too soft and wears VERY quickly, other is too hard and I believe it would wear the steering line in the tight junction made between the slider grommet and slider bumper 'lip'. tried webbing around the lines/link and the steering lines wear through it pretty quickly. last method was homemade along the design of the black bumpers for slinks but was a pain to make and even more of a pain to attach with fat dacron lines. So what are people using then? Please share your experiences. Jim
  7. Does anyone have the linetrim for a triathlon 160 BEFORE they made the mod and shifted the brakeline attachments about?
  8. they are vectran lines not HMA. The JVX has 3-400 jumps on. The lineset has not been changed. The JVX was one of the first ones and came with the four flap slider. Since then the brake lines have been changed according to an update and the slider is the correct size with no flaps. Line trim has been checked and does not seem to be out at all.
  9. doing well Ricky. will pm you with a lot more. Jumping a zp 90JVX Yes, these lines are flapping around. Changed slider a few times and now not getting the tension knots (yet - a few before) but a lot more flapping lines. All of your JVX's opened without flapping lines??? Anyone with a JVX and flapping lines?
  10. anyone else get loose lines jumping around on opening? I have messed around with my JVX a bit but at present have a regular lineset and slider. At the moment I have a mix of tight and loose lines on opening. Does anyone else get this?
  11. you need to put slider stops on the canopy if you want to use a slider for deployment. other than that should be fine. go for it rhyso!
  12. I was jumping with Jason Corcoran from Perrine when this tradgic event occured. We (7 of us) had all made a jump the previous day and then 3 each that morning. Jason was the first to jump after our lunch break. He launched a gainer and pitched his pilot chute. We have video of his jump and the pilot chute was out in 3 seconds. The pilot chute then towed for a bit. I am vague on this point because from a wide angle lens at that distance and the perspective, it is very difficult to see when the canopy was extracted. We only know it was because the the boat driver said he saw canopy and lines being extracted. The pilot chute did not appear to be rapped around anything and looked to be at full extension. Preliminary inspection of the pilot chute did not show anything faulty. The rig has been sent to Anne Helliwell for inspection and I hope the video (which was given to the Police) will also be passed onto her to help assist in the matter. Jason was a very proficient skydiver and base jumper. He was a great friend and an inspiration to many. He will be missed. Jim.