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  1. Ohhhh the famous American proud... very nice! But what about the real world ? mirage62 you are talking about "a French company", isn't it? Ask to Basik Air Concept what they are thinking about Alti-2 after sell service. For me and for ever Alti-2 is finish. And for that post too. You don't have enough open mind to see an unhappy customer thinking that he could find a solution with his N2. Now I know... directly to garbage can! infinity and beyond !!!!!
  2. Maybe... no, excuse me I was wrong from the beginning... It is sure, the reason is MY attitude. Sorry, for have been disturb this post. infinity and beyond !!!!!
  3. I do it!!!! I do it xxxx times. I wrote, call and try to find a solution. I asked why the send the N2 with a chip US Postal, why there is no tracking, why their insurance don't take on charge my problem (because, for sure I was not guilty), etc But nothing... the big f... black out! Maybe they think I was not honest and I was lier... maybe... And, sorry to say that, you said "They're a fine company". Why ? This is not measurable. Maybe because... it's a US company?!? infinity and beyond !!!!!
  4. Hi Matt, My name is Daniel Alonso. I am a French instructor. I am sorry to tell you that Alti-2 customer service and after-sell is one of the worst service I know in my life. Years ago, I broke my screen of my Neptune 2 that I pay with a special discount Instructor offer from Alti-2 (it was a special one shoot program). I send it to the factory for replace the broken screen. When it was repair, the factory sent it to me through a worst US Postal (no guaranties and no Tracking #). Of course, they lost my packet and the factory clean there hands telling me that they was not responsible of the carrier (of course they was responsible to choose a better one). Because I was happy to the Neptune functionalities, I bought a 2nd hand N2. This summer, again and again, the screen broken. I ask to repair it but the cost was more than a 2nd hand Viso2 from Larsen & Brusgaard. The representative in Europe, who was very smart, offer me another solution. She offer me a switch from my broken N2 to a new N3 at the price more expensive of a new Viso2 from Larsen & Brusgaard. I am sorry to tell you that but your customer service is totally out of the reality. Larsen & Brusgaard customer Service is one of the best I know in skydiving and parachute industry. If you get a problem with their products, you send it to them and they send you a new one (with no discussions at all !!!!). I jump from 1983. I have thousands of jumps and I never see a worst customer service that Alti-2 have at the day. For sure and for ever, I never will buy an Alti-2 product again in my life! Some of my student, when they come to me to be advised of an altimeter, I tell them: "Never buy Alti-2 and buy a Larsen & Brusgaard product. They are the best customer service and after sale in the industry!" infinity and beyond !!!!!
  5. Hi folks, I am curious to know if it's possible to use a Tandem 365 Icarus Canopies line set Tandem on Precision tandem 365 canopy. Is there some one done before and what is the feed back ? infinity and beyond !!!!!
  6. Hi folks, Talking about STC's Cessna 206, is there some one who know a STC for a sliding lexan door like Cessna Caravan have but for Cessna 206 ? infinity and beyond !!!!!
  7. I remember it was a video tape explaining all levels in details. Is there some one know where I can find this video in DVD format or on-line? Thanks for information. infinity and beyond !!!!!
  8. Hi there, I have try to contact Aaron but I can't find him. Is there some one know something about EasyDZ software? Is there feed backs from that software? Thanks for infos infinity and beyond !!!!!
  9. That will be a good idea to know where to find quickly the web live webcam link from the DZ you wish to visit. If you know yours, please publish here infinity and beyond !!!!!
  10. Nice work guys !!!!!! Congratulations for all you done and all you will do. I am sorry to be busy and can't not be with you there ... maybe next time. A big "Hello" for all friends I know there. Friendly yours, Daniel ALONSO Aka: Papawaso infinity and beyond !!!!!
  11. BlueSky International is a private skydiving school. WE ARE NOT A DROP ZONE & DON'T OWN ANY DROP ZONE. We are DZ users.
  12. BlueSky International is a private skydiving school. WE ARE NOT A DROP ZONE & DON'T OWN ANY DROP ZONE. We are DZ users.
  13. Hi Costyn, I would like to apologize if there is pictures from photographers which is not written their name on it. I would like to change it. I am totally agree with you but, the pictures in the web site was free of any copyright and not protected. Anyway, in case of the autor would like to erase the pictures from the web site or to see their name on the pictures, they are free to contact me. That will be done immediately. My goal is to promote our sport and passion. It is not to hurt people. Again, I apologize if I done something wrong and be free to contact me to correct mistakes I could done ... Friendly yours, Dani infinity and beyond !!!!!
  14. Hi friends, You can view all the pictures of the events in webpage : menu "Photos" Many thanks to all photographers, organisators, load masters and participants ! Friendly yours, Dani infinity and beyond !!!!!