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  1. dragon2

    Nova pack?

    Do you know where your canopy was made? It makes a big difference. Generally the only time a Spanish-made Safire 1 opens hard is when out of trim.
  2. dragon2

    Vortex Product Service Bulletin

    [inline vortex.jpg]
  3. dragon2

    Need a weight vest...

    Some googling turned up: http://www.lookma.de/Start_English/Products/Weightvest/weightvest.html http://www.thomas-sports.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=21&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=18&vmcchk=1&Itemid=18 http://www.icarus.co.za/catalog/skydiving-accessories/weight-vests/ http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/spo/5179053341.html
  4. dragon2

    Changing a File Etxn

    A good video edit program like adobe premiere pro can do it, or try a tool like this: http://www.mtsconverterfree.com/how-to/convert-mts-to-mp4.html
  5. dragon2

    IR remote shutter Nikon D60

    Pffff I'm all for jumping a SLR and a Nikon, but IR remotes went the way of the dodo after the D70 IMO. Hit-and-miss rate was way too high even for fun jumping. Would NOT recommend for any paid/important jump.
  6. dragon2

    Canopy Categories

    Have a look at the Dutch canopy regulations, we've put a lot of sports canopies (ie, not tandem) in categories already. http://www.parachute.nl/fileadmin/knvvlpa_upload/pdf/BVR_bijlage_B_versie_2013_april.pdf this list the type of canopy you are allowed to jump, in each category. The categories are as follows, incuding my own labels for each category: I : less than 25 jumps, wingload max 1,1; minimum size 170 sqft (student) II : 25 - 100 jumps, at least 10 jumps in the last 12 months, wingload max 1,1; minimum size 170 sqft (beginner) III : 100 - 400 jumps; at least 25 jumps in the last 12 months, wingload max 1,3; minimum size 150 sqft (intermediate/beginner) IV : 400 - 700 jumps; at least 50 jumps in the last 12 months, wingload max 1,5; minimum size 135 sqft (intermediate/advanced) V : 700 - 1000 jumps; at least 100 jumps in the last 12 months, wingload max 1,7, minimum size 120 sqft (advanced) VI : more than 1000 jumps, no limits (expert)
  7. dragon2

    Letting the student distract you

    Oh my gosh. One of the worst tandemvideos I've ever seen... Forget the camera already and get the main out, or cameraflyer could've gone lower to catch the passenger's eye. That might not have worked in this case granted as I'm not sure the passenger was still 'there' even a little bit, but I've done it a couple times and when you pop back on level they tend to follow you with their head hey presto good bodyposition This just went on for too long, I've never seen a flatspin with drogue out before (and never hope to see one again)
  8. dragon2

    Basic Data required for Project

    For a Performance Design - Velocity (Expert level) - At what altitude would an average 150lb person deploy his parachute? (Mean sea level) An average 150lb jumper wouldn't be jumping a velocity But generally, anyone jumping a high-performance canopy like that opens a little bit higher than 'mandatory', because generally these type of canopies open relatively slow, you need more altitude to deal with opening issues, and oftentimes these jumpers have specialized gear that takes a bit of time to stow away (RDS). I don't think many of these jumpers open below 3000ft (above the ground, not MSL unless you're in The Netherlands... ) - What would the inflation time be? Skydivers don't usually use 'time' as a reference, but altitude. A velocity could take up to ~1000ft to open I believe, but presumably someone who jumps them can provide a more accurate answer. - At what airspeed would he be travelling (MSL)? Before or after opening? Before opening if you did a 10sec freefall or more, generally you're travelling at 120mph-ish. After opening, it depends on the wingloading (jumper + equipment weight in lbs/sqft of the canopy) and how you're flying. if you're hanging in breaks you do down relatively slow, if you're doing a high-performance turn on a canopy like a velo, you can beat 13m/s... If possible could I have the above values for a PD-Navigator (Student level) and a PD-Stiletto as well? A student would open higher, starting at 5000ft and moving down slowly, and a navigator, like most student canopies, opens fairly quick. A stiletto is for a jumper with 300-500 jumps or more, presumably this jumper is free to open at 2000-2500ft. A stiletto generally opens fairly slow, so in between the nav and the velo.
  9. dragon2

    Shutter release for Nikon D90

    You can make your own if you are so inclined, using an N3-type wired remote. Or buy a switch ready-made: http://ultimate-switch.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2 Or buy an adapter: http://pc-mobile.net/nikongps.htm (scroll down to 2.5mm Remote Release Adapters - N90AD) Or ask Laszlo on here, I think he sells both.
  10. dragon2

    A Guide to Buying Your First Skydiving Gear

    Also, buying a new main means packing it will be more difficult than a main with 100+ jumps on it. For me, that meant I had to buy lots of beer the first 80ish jumps on my brand new spectre... Just sayin' ;-) I for one would recommend a 2nd hand main to most new jumpers.
  11. dragon2


  12. dragon2

    snow tandem

  13. dragon2

    snow tandem

  14. dragon2

    tandem briefing