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  1. I started at 16 in 1995 in Veedersburg Indiana. DZ was on a road named bonebrake road
  2. What are the changed. Got an old 97 vector 3 in good condition wondering what the difference between that and a newer v3 is
  3. I dont think there is a cure for marfan syndrome
  4. sorry I measured the inside of the pack tray width side to side is 15.5 length top to bottom is 23.5 depth is 4 inches from the packing tray to the corner of the container.
  5. Width of tray is 15.15.5 length 23.5 hgt looks to be about 4" seller. I have eyes on an 89 phantom 28 or a 26ft phantom mfg 11-89 laminated Kevlar (lines I assume) installed in 88. Seller says these will fit and come with all applicable parts. Are these the acid type chutes you would avoid?
  6. If I could find a part number I would the only thing it says on the tag is model beta emergency type back parachute serial 1137 date 7/4/81 container type wt 2 or 8 can't read it well. Harness type/wt 3 lb see owners manual for a list of approved canopies. 3 pin design btw
  7. So I have a container butler beta and was looking to put together a emergency bailout rig for my plane. My understanding is these used strong lopo rounds. Any ideas what else I need i.e. diaper pilot chute risers? And any ideas where I can get these cheap, but still usable? Thanks for any Info
  9. make sure you pack well a malfunction pretty much means your loosing your main.
  10. I had my first mal on a sonic 150. (baglock) damn that thing packed barely fit in a bag made for a 170...
  11. I have an old heatwave manual laying around not that that is much help
  12. just my 2C a 150 is probably fine for you, but as you approach a 1:1 ratio the landings level out more and you have more lift. it is easy to get into a situation where you can "pop up", or even stall your canopy. I would at least borrow a 170 for few jumps as you will see a significant difference between a 190 to a 150.