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  1. I have already helped but thought I would bump this to keep it up on the page.
  2. The cost of a jump ticket is the least I can do to support a hero in our community. Good luck and God bless.
  3. They may have said that to keep me using them to do pack jobs for me but I truly beleive they were trying to keep my fustration to a minimum. I even had one packer refuse to pack for me because it took too long. I even offer to pay more because it meant that I could not jump but he said no and made me wait till the next day when the regular packer came back.
  4. I know just what you mean. I also have a packer take care of me so I too have never learned to pack. I have a new rig with less than 50 jumps on it. I was told by my packers in Deland and again in S.C. that it is too slick for me to try yet. I should wait until the new gets knocked off first. I often feel that I can not jump at new DZs because I do not know their packers. It is a problem and I know that I need to do something but I just do not jump often enough lately to find someone to teach me.
  5. I am glad to hear that you got past the "on shit" moment of your skydive. I congratulate you on your appropriate response. I have not had a cut away. I often fear that I will think too long instead of just doing what needs to be done. I trust my training and my instructors. It is me and my mystery reserve that I am not as sure of. (I have never seen the reserve, I bought it new and they created it and delivered it to my rigger, I have to trust that it is really exists.) I have been known to over think things. It is nice to know that the training becomes automatic.
  6. I just got mine done. I really noticed a problem on the highway. All 4 tires wore facing a different way. I was amazed at the difference in the ride and I did save on gas.
  7. I was told to pretend I was standing in front of the toilet hold my hands over my head and try to pee into the toilet without peeing on my shoes. Don't worry. Your instructors will make sure you get it before you get in the plane.
  8. jojo69

    My ass hurts

    I get one every year along with an EGC. Trust me the prep is the worse part. Once you get there they give you some IV sedative and you don't remember anything. There are other preps but it is up to the doctor which one you use. I like the fleet drink better. You drink 2 oz along with some juice and then repeat in 8 hours. (it tastes terrible and makes me gag but I can not take the volume of the golytely.)
  9. I have a just put a tankless (Rinnai) in my house during the remodle. I love it. I also have a smaller version in my RV. I enjoy them both and have seen a real savings on my gas bill and my propaine use in the RV. I paid $1500. installed for the one in my house and $400 for the one in my RV.
  10. I have been a nurse for thirty years. I started as a L.P.N. (lowest paid nurse) and worked full time and went to school full time for my R.N. (real nurse). I say Lowest Paid Nurse and Real Nurse because that is often how you are treated by the patients. I laughingly tell people that if I had it all to do again the only change I would make would be to finish school all at once instead of breaking it up. It is difficult to start and stop. I love what I do. I know in my heart that I make a difference to someone every day. I may get crap from some people (families, doctors, other nurses) but I know that I made a difference when I get a smile out of someone. When I became a nurse, we followed the doctor's orders, gave meds and baths and made a bed or two. We were not allowed to question the doctor or the treatments ordered. We had to give up our chairs to the doctor and often lost our pens. We were basically "Moms" with meds. Today I am responsible to know the everything about my patient and their care. I have to know more law than I ever wanted to. I am responsible for everything I do as well as what my team does. It is rewarding and challenging. I would not give it up for anything.
  11. I am hoping to be in Florida for a little while soon. I often have to travel between GA and FL for work. I need to come to Z hills to see Mike Michigan for a refit of a jump suit. I will try to contact you with a date. Thank you
  12. Thank you both for answering my basic questions. As my jump numbers show I am still in the begining of my learning curve and want to be safe much more than cool. Again thank you.
  13. I own a M3 with a Spectra 190. I have never done CRW but it is something I think I would like to investigate. Are there specific canopies for CRW? What would be the best type (7 cell vs 9 cell)? Is there a specific wing load that is optimal? Are there schools that specialize in CRW. I have taken a canopy course with Scott Miller. We did not however discuss CRW. We did discuss swooping which is something I have no interest in. I did a search but most of the stuff was over a year old. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. jojo69

    Training Turtle

    I could not get it to open. Help!