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  1. Yea Spencer,
    Good choice that Spectre. I enjoy docking on them with both my L and Tri. For these old eyes Red center lines and especially outer A lines make it a lot easier.
    Non cascaded outer A's are good for those less them perfect docks as other parts of the canopy will not distort so much giving you a more stable canopy, although it's a little more hassle when doing your line check (extra line) it's well worth it. Of course dacron lines are the only material we consider lines at all. Enjoy that Spectre, do some CRW and isn't it nice to know that CRW Dogs only buy beer when they are thirsty. Well, that and to keep their riggers happy.
    More input, Win? Bob?

  2. Where we live even the most conservative jumpers don't consider 1.3 on ZP to be all that heavily loaded. Granted, a 113 loaded at 1.3 handles differently then a 176 at 1.3. But whether you do or don't, or have 1 or 10,000 jumps, or jump Manta, Velocity or Lightning
    the Safety Rules remain firm.

    1000 feet and below no 360s

    500 feet and below no 180s

    300 feet and below already facing into the wind and nothing but light, gentle and easy toggle inputs to a flair
    at 15 feet.
    I try to live by these rules and hope my friends and
    CRW Dogs do to.
    AFF/ I

  3. There is no law specifically on what altitude
    to break off CRW. The Safe altitude is 2500ft
    or higher. Some experts will occasionally land
    a two stack, or bring a side by side or diamond
    a little lower for a DEMO or for fun. They are
    breaking a safety rule and better be aware of it.
    But you know that.
    Have a great Safety Day everybody.