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  1. Yea but those pictures seem to go back a lot farther than the 70. Did you see that automobile in the picture? What is that a 49 ford? If you were hanging under your non-steerable taking incoming that technique would let you get to the ground faster. That guy doesn't look like a solider though, If that was just a stunt those guys were nuts.


    A reunion is planned for September 13, 2008, in Franklin Indiana at Jerry's Skydiving Circus for the network of friends who made up the family of PARACHUTES & ASSOCIATES - the DZ started by Bob Branch at Kelly Field near Mooresville, Indiana.

    Parachutes & Associates operated at Kelly's 1971 until it closed in 1981 when purchased by Mark Schlatter and moved to Frankfort Indiana. Bob Branch was well known in the sport for his affiliation with the Army Sport Parachute Team and operating DC-3 jump aircraft at Meets and Boogies including USPA National Competitions.

    Lots of activities have been planned for the weekend of September 13, 2008, leading up to jumping on Saturday and a Party with live band Saturday Evening into the night.

    For more information, and to have your name added to the circulating email news list about the reunion, send an email to event organizer
    Joe Webb. [email protected]
    Mark Schlatter [email protected]

  3. Just never be hesitant or afraid to admit to a first.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that some jumper is experiencing a first and not owning up to it even when ask. Probably because some knuckle head told them never admit to a first or you'll owe beer.
    First of all beer is never really required unless you want to, it's just tradition once your off student status. But mostly, you never should pass up the opportunity to celebrate a first with your friends and the jumpers around you. Even if it's just a hand shack congratulations or welcome, glad your here. It's always meant a lot to me so don't let the good times pass you by keeping a first to yourself.


  4. Sure, No problem.

    Efharisto = Thank you

    Parakalo = Your Welcome

    Then katalaveno = I don't understand

    Pos se lene? = What is your name?

    Me lene ... = My name is ...

    Apo pou eisai? = Where are you from?

    Eimai apo Anglia = I am from England

    Thelo ena kafe = I want a coffee

    Thelo ena tsai = I want a tea

    Thelo mia mpira = I want a beer

    Thelo ena poto = I want a drink

    Thelo ena thomatio = I want a room

    Ehete thomatio? = Do you have a room?

    ya mia mera = for one day

    ya thio meres = for two days

    ya mia vthomatha = for one week

    ya thio vthomathes = for two weeks

    Poso kanei? = How much is it?

    Poso hrostao = How much do I owe?

    Logariasmo parakalo = The bill, please.

    Mporo na bgalo mia fotografia? = May I take a photo?

    Ela = Come

    Fiye = Go away! (fi as in fish, ye as in yellow)

    Ise omorfi = you are beautiful

    S' agapo = I love you

    M' agapas? = Do you love me?

    And, Check here,


  5. Hey Hey, it's Raul !
    Welcome to the forums buddy.
    Never thought I'd make it to 100 post on this or any other forum and it only took 6 years. Right here is where I want to spend it.
    CRW Skies Blue Dogs.

  6. There are 2 kinds of jumpers, those that have experienced a bag lock and those that will experience a bag lock. The most common type of bag lock is the last or next to last stow simply does not come unstowed, this of course would hold the closing flap of the main bag shut. We would have pilot chute, bridle, main bag and lines all strung out. This type of bag lock pulls the jumper vertical actually increasing his freefall speed and providing a VERY bumpy, possibly even violent ride. You would not have to wonder if you were having a malfunction, you would KNOW in pretty short order. A look upward would confirm a bag lock or possibly be confused with a streamer but since the emergency procedures are the same for both it does not matter, The important thing is that you start emergency procedures immediately, you're dealing with a FAST malfunction. Usually a bag lock is neither the fault of the packer or the jumper but for some reason the last stow simply does not release. Surprisingly usually the locked stow pulls out quite easily on the ground.

    We can decrease the chances of bag lock by using only Mil Spec. Rubber Stow Bands (common. standard tan rubber bands) or we can increase our chances of bag lock by using Non Mil Spec. Rubber Bands like the red or black rubber bands, O ring type, tube stows or oddly shaped Stow Bands. One thing is for sure, no matter what kind of Stow Bands we use and even if we do everything right a bag lock is coming so it's good to be ready.

    Another less common type of bag lock would be if our first Stow Band on the main bag did not release. With this type of bag lock it is possible that we would be trailing or towing nothing. This would provide no break in decent and no change in body attitude. A look over our shoulder may not reveal what we're dealing with but we would recognize we are dealing with a FAST malfunction and know we must start emergency procedures immediately. I have never experienced or witnessed this type of bag lock in the field but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has.


  7. Very Nice Rig Jarrett,
    Pretty hard to argue with a picture like that!
    I like the older style top main closing flap.
    Hope you Racers always treats you as well as mine have treated me.