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  1. Sure Bill, For every rule there's an exception and for every exception there's a rule.
    After night jumps at Perris one night I came across a guy packing in almost total darkness. I ask why don't you pack that tomorrow? He said I'm on the first load and have people depending on me. I kept an eye on him in the morning, it opened. Crazy Perris Jumpers ;-)

  2. <>


    The main reason is that's the way I was taught by people that cared about me, people I respect, people that helped me learn how to stay alive. I thought it was common knowledge. What may be of some use to you is to know that at end of the day even if everybody else is partying, laughing and drinking beer You Pack Your Rig. When you do you won't zip a hole in your parachute with you kit bag, Being packed offers you gear some protection, when you crash your car you'll be glad your gear is packed, When you run into a question or problem you'll have good people there to gladly help you. You'll be ready for that surprise night jump, you'll always be ready for the next load. I know you can figure out the other reasons yourself.

  3. Don't know what happened this year. Maybe I don't know where to look but up until last year Omniskore was great! Nobody could cover Nationals like Tim. I only know the Tim's (T1 And T2) through the Omniskore site but they had a lot of competition experience. T2 brought coverage, commentary and still pictures that were just excellent. Eventually they would get the videos up and you could download the jumps you wanted to see but it was the commentary Tim brought to the table I enjoyed the most. Those guys and even their Dad covered the Nationals for a long time so I understand their need to move on, our loss.

    Last year took over as the best coverage but their coverage and commentary was only fair. What they did bring was streaming videos, sometimes live if I remember right. A lot of people really seemed to enjoy that.

    This year I don't know what happened. It's hard to believe that USPA would just pull the plug. I do know that some board members believe that nobody not at the Nationals gives a crap about it. Maybe they are right, maybe I was the only one that used to live by the refresh button during Nationals in the Omniskore days.

  4. Don't know about that.
    Looks like a Johnny come lately version to me.
    Nevertheless I find nothing wrong with that list itself even though it leaves out First helicopter jump. The list is not to be construed as exhaustive anyway.
    I do have a big problem with the omission of "It is not required of students. They are simply encouraged to participate." That omission appears to be designed to take advantage of students which is one thing the beer rules are designed to prevent. The last item on the Johnny come lately list (First time denying beer for a first inflatable or first balloon jump) is stupid and unnecessary since they all ready owe beer for first inflatable or first balloon jump.

    I believe the Beer Rules as they appear above on DropZone.Com are the Real Deal.
    PopsJumper, you should know better.

    I believe there is an expert in the field of No Cheap Beer on this forum in Moderator faulknerwn. I defer to her on that subject.

  5. Here's the way I understand it.

    An unwritten law, one as immutable and irrefutable as gravity and backed by history, states that skydivers enjoy the drinking of beer almost as much as flight itself.
    A manifestation of this fact is the tradition of the buying by an individual skydiver a case of beer (that being twenty-four cans or bottles holding twelve or more ounces of beer, ale, or some similar such substance) for his or her fellow jumpers to celebrate the accomplishment of a particular feat or milestone in one's jump career.
    It is generally recognized that the buying and drinking of such beer enhances that common bond shared by skydivers and contributes greatly to the body of knowledge concerning parachuting and its related activities.
    It is a sad fact that some skydivers are ignorant of what constitutes a significant achievement (usually and henceforth referred to as a "first"). Equally sad is the fact that some unscrupulously thirsty jumpers will shamelessly try to "weasel" a case of beer out of a jumper for an inauspicious event.
    Recognizing this, the following happenings are to be regarded as suitable occasions for buying beer. This list is not to be construed as exhaustive.
    First jump (It is not required of students. They are simply encouraged to participate).
    If more than one first is accomplished on a single jump, only one case of beer is required.
    Participation is voluntary. If a skydiver chooses not to participate by buying, neither shall the skydiver enjoy the fruits of the accomplishments of others.
    Non-drinkers may buy sodas and buyers may make up any part or whole of their purchase in soda for the enjoyment of those non-drinkers.
    It is generally recognized that using a reserve parachute for the purpose of saving one's worthless, non-packing self from a gory death requires him to buy the saving rigger dinner or the bottle of liquor of his choice.
    These articles are ironclad and binding. For the price of an additional six-pack, a sniveling skydiver may enlist the services of an S & TA to represent him or her in a hearing where the committee will rule against that skydiver a second time.
    Completing the student course of instruction
    First four way
    First eight way
    First CRW
    First time in the peas
    First night jump
    First kiss pass
    First competition
    First water jump
    First naked jump
    First jump on your own pack job
    First dead center (measured by a judge or electronic scoring pad on a three or five cm disc)
    First jump on a new main or new rig (purchased, not borrowed)
    Any license, award, rating, or badge
    Getting your name or photo in "Parachutist" Magazine
    Gross safety violations not resulting in serious injury or death
    Any jump ending in "00"
    First cutaway/reserve ride
    First jump from an aircraft not normally used at home drop zone
    First jump at a new drop zone
    First demo jump
    First save (you riggers thought you were getting off easy)
    Vomiting in the airplane or on another skydiver
    First round canopy jump (Geez, used to be the other way around)
    First broken bone
    First camera jump
    First helicopter jump

  6. Otherwise what? Just because someone doesn't have a team in the Nationals this year doesn't mean that they don't care about it being the best it can be. There are a lot of non-competitors that care very much about the Nationals. I'd say every USPA members concern about their Nationals is valid and merits at least listening to. I'm surprised you don't. Maybe most people feel that it's OK to mess with the dates of the Nationals after they have been set so a team can go do a demo. Yea they probably do.

  7. You've got a great brush cutter there but a crapy dealer. Find a dealer that will be happy to do the repair and you've found your new dealer.

    That Stihl should last you many years.

  8. From a fun jumper's perspective,
    Didn't look at it with a judges eye but if my buddies could do that we would call it 61 points. Total separation points, that's the best kind! It's Amazing how when there are a couple of bobbles in there they can wait on them at that speed, sharp as a
    swat edge. Great camera flying, Congratulations Eric.

    They did break off awfully high though, smoke it down to a grand and they probably could squeeze in another 20 points.
    The sport rolls on.

  9. Wish we DID know more about some of the early CRW and how the gear we use has changed through the years. I think it would give us a better understanding of modern training and why CRW Dogs remain so close and tolerant even though the backgrounds are so diverse.