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  1. Dude, you need to cut your losses now! There are plenty of other very good rig manufacturers out there. I suggest you contact PDF and specifically ask for a completion date, if they can't provide this or they stall/give no response then you have a legitimate right to cancel your order and recieve every penny back you have outlayed. I would not muck around on this. Either they buck up or you cancel. Waiting 18 months for a rig is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
  2. Yes, basically it's a crap kit! You can either use the small cable ties provided to fix each corner of the VISO to either of the wrist mounts. Or you need to purchase the Clear Silicone Protector which then allows you to fix the Protector with the VISO inside to either of the wrist mounts using the wax type string provided. However each way of doing it is basically a 'Lash up' and you would expect better from L&B. Considering they've gone to all the trouble of making some nice wrist mounts. Then obviously forgot to figure out how to attach the VISO to them so must have got the stores man to put some string and cables ties in at the last minute! p.s. If you do use the Protector you'll find that you'll have to cut the screen out later so that you can see the VISO readout in freefall!
  3. So what is the issue now regarding a two out situation with two very different sized canopies? ie. using D22369's situation as an example, if they went to a 150 Reserve and had a 2 out with an 85 main, Is that a bad thing??
  4. I set my brakes so the line runs on the outside. That makes the excess stow away towards the inside of the riser. When they were set the other way round I once got my hand caught in the excess and it was a bugger to get off, the more you pulled the tighter it got. It needed the other hand to help remove it. Is it a problem as described first above?
  5. I have a Wings container with standard 21" risers. I have been learning to do HP landings on a Sabre 2 150 after taking Brian Vachers course in Spain. Also whilst working through my CP1 back in the UK under guidence from BPA CP coaches. (Now that bits out the way.......) On landing after the canopy deflates I have noticed that my risers seem to end up kinked and twisted. Seems to be 'cos they are stretching more on one side of the individual riser than the other. They straighten out OK to pack though. Also the set up on a Wings riser also means that constantly stowing the excess brake line away is causing premature wear on that part of the line. I really like the Wings front riser loops but I am beginning to think about getting new risers due to these other problems. Am I being picky regarding the kinks/twisted risers on landing? Is it normal? If I do go to a new set of risers, which ones are all the big boys using to swoop? I would prefer FR loops. I see that RWS do a Tru-lock version and also Velocity risers come highly recommended. Any feedback on the problems noticed and on getting new risers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Just to clear one thing up, The sabre (1) 150 for sale in the UK by Karen Stryczek is NOT the canopy Darren Spooner is talking about! As a further note on Sabre canopies.... I have done 600 Jumps on a Sabre (1) 170 and my girlfriend 350 jumps on a sabre (1) 150 and our canopies have never given us a hard opening. I even jumped her canopy many times wingloaded up to 1.3 and also never experienced a hard opening on it. I used to speed the openings up on my canopy due to long snivels. I have now downsized to a sabre2 150 and my girlfriend to a sabre2 135 of which we have yet to experience a hard opening. Guess we must have our body position and packing technique dialled in. Best advice would be to test jump any new canopy. I would only be too happy to let you jump before purchasing! As a final note my Girlfriends canopy is still for sale and has now been reduced in price so check it out, only 350 jumps from new and never given a hard opening! Perhaps next time Mr. Darren Spooner, you could think about the other people who are selling well looked after legitimate gear with no problems before starting a thread which degenerates into another boring issue regarding 'slammers' on Sabre canopies.