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  1. you dont need arm moosles, I just proved that, and with the newer zp lined sleeve, but know what? Toby said he got his best time with the inner arm zip UNdone, how bout that, so I tried it and... Yea, but I never really "felt" the XS and with the SM1 after every jump I thought it was the best suit ever (only the leg wing could be a bit longer), so I think this might be best for me, we´ll see. Besides you have proven now that the big arm wings just work against you right? Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  2. Yes Sir, I´m putting my SM1 arm wings on my XS body this evening to facilitate my malnutritioned girl like arm muscles. Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  3. Incredible, all hail Tony! Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  4. Strange, I never even noticed Jeff's ninja skills Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  5. Don't worry, I was allowed to jump with a Dutch license. If the repack is according to your license it should also be ok. If I remember correctly the only checking I got there was a big guy that took a step back, looked me over and I guess looked into my soul to confirm that I was licensed. c u there! Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  6. I´ll be there!!! Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  7. Nico with his Raptor with base pouch: Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  8. Hi vario470, Sound like a cool project. I have been wanting to do the same for a while. I have a license for ANSYS CFX in my lab. I mostly want to show the burble/turbulence that forms behind us. The biggest problem is creating a realistic model and I haven't had any time to make a good one yet. I think the angle of attack is very small for normal flight. Maybe 5-10 degrees, it's hard to tell really. Have a look at some videos on youtube. And get someone to give you some GPS data of a flight for the glide ratio and speed. Good luck and please show us some results! Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  9. Any of you wingsuiters coming? I don´t see something special being organized for wingsuiters this year, but I´m sure we can form a nice group! Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  10. Actually, I would be disadvantagizing myself since I am taller and have a bigger suit than Tobi and anyone else probably. You really need to get your facts and figures right before acting like you know everything and your ideas are the best and everyone else is stupid. And I don´t know why you are saying I want classes. As Klaus mentioned there are even more variables added by seperating classes. Please don´t invent opinions for me. I don´t want weight classes, suit classes, wind classes or whatever classes. I just mentioned that wingloading is in theory possible. And with the 8 participants in this comp it would be rather silly to have classes. Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  11. I´m sorry for my late reply, I was busy contributing to society. you complain about me going to a competition with an xs and yet you do exactly the same with a bigger non commercially available suit? I for one think these competitions are a great way of comparing suits and testing the new models against each other. Time and time again you claim that bigger is not better so why complain when someone tries out a bigger suit to see how it compares against others? I don´t understand what your problem is against comparing different suits, it all helps in the development of the performance of the suits as well as wingsuit flying as a discipline. Creating a competition for one brand only like you suggest just creates animosity. I had to read back to see why you are attacking me like this but I only tried to point out that there are still a lot of things to figure out about these competitions. I´m sure you have thought about it a lot, but only when you test out your theories in real competitions can you be sure it works. Don´t be offended if someone tries to start a discussion about the different ways of organizing a competition. Clearly there are still lots of thing that even you have not thought about. Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  12. Right, because someone might steal your exact wing profile design and make it commercially available before you can. No don't worry, hush hush, won't tell anyone about your modified gimp suit. Most wingsuit flyers will never get a suit like the XS or the V3. Some because they think bigger is not better, some because they think they don't have the power and some because they are simply scaired. You can only get these people involved in competitions by removing the wingsuit size factor. You now also have a custom tweaked suit that is not commercially available, I guess you can't go to competitions anymore right? Since you have the very best that birdman technology has to offer. *uchbwha* sorry, had something in my throat. Oh and I think a manufacturer specific competition would be the worst thing ever to happen in the history of mankind, the world and skydiving in particular. Even worse than getting a creationist vice president. god can you imagine... Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  13. I asked Tony to make me a funny green suit, does that make me a wingsuit designer? Now YOU are just talking (I'd rather not use the B word since it's rude) about going to make your own wingsuit without actually showing a single stitch. Please quote me where I am b-ing as you state so baldly. I am just thinking about improving the discipline and make it fun for everyone. Although this was the best organised competition so far, no doubt also due to Costyn's and Klaus's software, there are still some questions to be answered. For instance Tobi wanted to use weights for the speed jumps. Now would you allow that or not? If you allow that should you also allow people to use different suits for the different jumps types? And I am not planning to organise a competition myself but I do enjoy going to them to meet and fly with new people, see new countries and extend my collection of paralog licenses
  14. No, I send all wingsuit candidates to the "fly like brick do what I say not what I do school of wingsuit flying". And whatever happend to that gay fashion designer that was going to make your wingsuit design? True, but you risk wingsuit competitions dying a slow death because none can compete against the tall skinny guys. And please restrain yourself from using the F letter just to give your monologue more of an impact. It's quite rude you know. Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?
  15. No because then I would use one of your gimp suits and easily beat you. In Gransee the groundspeed was used. But this would still mean you would have to dive like crazy. In Russia there were weight categories. I would personally like to see wingloading used in competitions. I will tell you how that can be done easily: Lay down the suit on the "green" ground in the hangar and make a picture. In the same picture add a standard A4 paper. Then segment the suit and A4 paper from the image and count the pixels (this can be done automatically). divide the suit pixels by the A4 pixels and multiply with the A4 size. Then you have the wing surface and you can calculate the wingload. Then however there is the question of how to incorporate this into the scoring. But getting the wingload is a 5min thing. Tristan Will you answer "NO" to my next question?