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  1. Ive been checking out the Sony cam with BOSS. Do any know which Sony with BOSS that also have the multi com port?
  2. Hi. I used to skydive before. I actually started paragliding and need some help with camera and setup. Which camera should I buy with good stabilazor system and optical zoom function (new one and not action cam). I need to mount it on a paragliding helmet and which mount system is good. And last I should have a camera light so I see when I record and not in mid air. Will not record all the time when flying. Hope for some help. Thanks.
  3. Out of curiosity, where did you hear that? With any other wingsuit thumbloops always existed only to make unzipping easier. I've never known of a suit where they were flight controls. Maybe im wrong but just my impression. If your right then its no point of having them because zipping up is no problem without the thumb loops. Btw still doing those spinning exits ;) Remember some years back u put out some vids with your spinning exits and even flying on the back and doing a back flip. Watched every single one of those vids back in the days.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Matt. Actually my camera was pointing downwards so i could film my wing while trying to backfly. I had alot of trouble with the linetwist alredy beeing there when looking up on the canopy while it opens. Therefore Im thinking it might happen in the opening scenario from pitching the pilot until the canopy leaves the bag. But not sure like I said. So happy for inputs on that one and now why it seems to be so much better after changing to semi stowless bag. In the scenario in the vid I think actually my one sholder dropped a bit during the opening also. And that combined with the linetwist and the uneven riser made the spin I think like u say. I try to fly out the opening controlling to openings and stability with my hips and legwing. Like u say its hard to collapse the legwing on the big suits.
  5. The Semi Stowless bag is not a bagless system. Its still a bag but only with two rubberbands on it. Rest is stored in a pocket on the bag. After I changed to the semi stowless bag system the openings are much better and on heading without any linewists. Before I changed I have a thought that my bag might have caught the side of the container and because of that turning making linetwists before the canopy started opening. Im not sure so would be cool to have some sugestions why that can happen and why its helps with the semi stowless bag system.
  6. Actually the canopy did not spin up further after opening. Also I think it actually helps closing the risers togheter to get out of the linetwists. My experience is if trying to spread them apart it only takes longer time. My experinece is if I pushing them togheter I more easilly get out of it. Also using the legwing at my advantage to help me unspin back out of the twist. The purpose of the tumb loops is said to be easier to controll the armwing when flying on the back. But its not something u have to have. It works great without too. So its optional if want to use it or not. When using them I like to have the thumb loops a little loose and then I reach up to the risers if pulling my legs up. Without the thumb loops I reach up without pulling my legs up. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  7. Ive had alot of linetwists over the years. Usally no problem to clear it. No problem to reach up but I like to wait untill the canopy is fully inflated before I try to clear it. But this line twist it started spinning right after opening. And I dont think Ive be able to clear the linetwist with some input. When I was spinning on my back I had no chance fixing it. But if u know some other ways that Ive could have solved it on a better way I happy to listen. Im also happy to get some feedback on why this linetwist happens. I did not get it after opening but it was alredy there before it opened. So it must have turned when going out of the container (flipping the inner bag) or the inner bag turning on its way out??? Ive changed to Semi Stowless bag now. Seems to help alot. The openings are alot smoother and no linetwists.
  8. Cutaway with Vector 3 and Funk. No problem. 1:24 out in the vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7-0brYXKWw
  9. Jeannoel. I always had deep respect for u untill now. This u shouldn't have made a discussion and if u had a problem u should have wrote to the person directly not through a forum. It sadnes me that u cant do that and a very unprofessional way to do criticize. I thought u vere more proffesional than this statment on public forum. Next time think twice and write to the person directly not though a forum. All the best Tiger
  10. DSE: I never said he didn't use a wide angle on first video And, If u say something stand up for it. If u can't dont say it. From what I heard Your a Nice guy so just stop this nonsense and maybe just agree with some of what u said came out the wrong way
  11. DSE no need to be rude with other ppl's post just because you not agree with them or they misunderstood your post. About your video links. On the first video u post with student A I think you could have used a tracking suit and still struggle to get down to him. Student B seams to have much better body controll and flying his suit pritty good. Therefore its also easier to follow him as u can see on the others flying with him as well. In the secound video I dont think the coach is far from the student at all. As you can see on the horizon this coach uses a pritty big wide angle lens. That makes the impression that your much futher apart than you actually are and its easy to see the body position of the student. Just my opinion as a beginner wingsuiter
  12. Maybe you need to go thorugh the lists again. And also know some that sold suits because its too tight. People in Norway easily take to tight measurements and regret that. No matter what brand or suit its nice to feel comfterble in the suit when flying it.
  13. Lots of people have problems with too tight suits here in Norway and have to send it back. Here it can be -20degree celcius at groundlevel during wintertime. And this summer has been cold as well (somtimes just 5degrees). So I would say go for the winter clothing option. (Remember when flying a wingsuit you can have up to 3min frefall time instead of 50sec)
  14. Oddern

    V4 vs X2

    Never flown a V3 or V4 suit but im super happy with my X2. Here you can see it in action and its quite fast as well :) http://www.youtube.com/user/WsFlyingTiger
  15. The X2 in flight :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MMvp1oIRoI