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  1. Then there are those extremist that live within their own echo chamber much like DZ.COM
  2. I just want him to be clear. I have issues, but I working on being as nice as John...I'm a work in progress.
  3. Well, I've been in the working world for sometime and haven't seen that to my knowledge. I do know individuals of faith that hold that opinion but they are extremely rare to come across, well at least in my circle. I believe possibly a good example of what your speaking to is a family like the Yates. Yes, I would agree that Russel Yates ran his house and possible his wife in a manner that may have been the catalyst for Andrea Yates to drown her five children in a bath tube. I worked at NASA at the time, but never knew him, as my time was spent training astronauts in the water tank (NBL). I do think in Russel's case...he had some serious belief issues. But I don't think most of us could walk outside our home and point out individuals like him on a daily bases.
  4. I don't have any hostility toward Christian Folks...if that is what your implying.
  5. Christian what you are saying is Christian's have a dislike, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Is that truly what you think?
  6. You a bit hostel to Christian Folk? Husbands are to love their wives has Christ Loved the church and gave himself to the church and laid his life down for it. Maybe you have the bible mixed up with the actions of Muslim men.
  7. From my NIV study bible...11:3 the phase "the head of the woman is man," head is not used to indicate control or supremacy, but rather, "the source of". Because man was created first, the woman derives her existence from man, as man does from Christ and Christ from God. Evidently Paul was correcting some excesses in worship that the emancipated Corinthian women were engaging in. The rest is quite lengthy...but interesting as Paul discusses the relationship between Husband and Wife as equal partners but with separate roles.
  8. It was a great moment...Rush Limbaugh a National Icon. Hell they will be speaking of Rush long after your dead.
  9. Well I can think of one I would like to hear from..."Eric Ciaramella" and his involvement with Adam Shit or however you spell the dudes last name, and those in his office. Yea that would be a good start, if we are going to have steenkin witnesses. Nothing better than the dude who crapped in his Pajama Pants and pulled this turd out of his ass. Eric Ciaramella the worlds worst best kept secret.
  10. So far the markets seem to like it.
  11. YEA!!! another WIN!!! On another note: USMCA is yet another WIN! Just to much a winning going on around here!
  12. Ahhhh NOOOO!! Unlike most people I live in Real Vel...however you wish to spell it. Financial Markets operate much like a Clock. There are periods of Growth and their are periods of Down Turns. Dollar Cost Averaging is where the magic happens. There is no escaping down turns in any any life cycle there is New Birth and there is Death...well more like slowing down. But I will say when it comes to DEMs they seem to have issues with Pronouns??? OHH...recessions only truly happen to individuals who wish to participate in one....but they do happen.
  13. Well That Sir is BS. Obama came into office with some serious financial issues, Housing Market crashing, Dot Com companies going to shit. He didn't do much to pull US out of that...he did some stupid shit like the ACA and the Billion plus dollars spent on a WEB Site that didn't work. Obama was the only President in History to never see economic growth above did he put it to the American people...Hey, dudes, get use to the "NEW NORMAL". Yea 2% was the new normal. Trump is seeing 3% and on occasion a bit higher than 3%. Obama's spent more of his time curing perceived social injustices rather than promoting economic growth. Trump at the end of 2017 convinced Congress to cut income taxes for all Americans...which I'm sure helped you and yours. Trump has spent a great deal of time reversing many of Obama's counterproductive regulations. Doing so is a BIG REASON little fellas like myself are seeing the benefits in our pockets. Yes 2019 my wife and I combined made more in interest on our life savings than I made in 2019. That there is WINNING.