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  1. Channman

    Who is Skydive Spaceland?

    Ditto...not to mention the Boyds's are damn nice people. One day when I get older I hope to grow up to be like Steve Boyd..."A STUD".
  2. For those aircraft owners out there that haven't updated their Transponders yet. I almost purchased a GTX 345 IN/OUT unit until I discovered the Garmin GNX 375. This little Bad Ass will talk to my G5s, wirelessly transfer flight plans and stream weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via built-in Connect wireless technology to the Garmin Pilot App and or Foreflight. Already have a 480 GPS,NAV/COM but looking at updating it soon, but the GNX 375 is way cool. Now if Garmin will allow me to update my panel with a G3X Touch....$9,995.00 oouch, not counting install. Might have to get the wife's permission first.
  3. Wendy way late into this conversation, however was ready Bill's post and I think...just me you should be opened at a Hard Deck of 2,500 feet unless your pulling handles looking for a reserve. My thoughts are this...we had an incident back 8-9 years ago where a jumper pulled at roughly 2,500 feet ending in a Bag Lock...with that malfunction you don't have time to look and think about it. Your better be chopping and pulling because feet down your accelerating. The outcome of the jumper didn't end well.
  4. Channman

    Canopy Control or Just Bad Luck

    One comment on the dude flying the Blackhawk Paramotor Quad...that unit is extremely heavy, underpowered and a crappy wing to boot. Just saying, might look at a better brand, like Scout, even a Flat Top Ninja would have been better.
  5. Channman

    Canopy Control or Just Bad Luck

    Was surfing the WEB looking at Piper Comanche Gear Maintenance and came across this video. There are several USPA instructors that provide canopy classes that I think after viewing this video I might signup for. Never Hurts much like several in the video. I hope the jumper who finds himself in a Dust Devil survived.
  6. Channman

    What's the most WTF moment in your life?

    It's a small world, my wife remembers Fred Geobel from Skydive Spaceland as they spent a great deal of time talking about family and where each of them grew up. My wife is Beverly, maiden name was Hays. Here older sister Freda Carter was well know in the deaf community. Cheers
  7. Channman

    What's the most WTF moment in your life?

    Deaf?? both my In Laws are deaf and my wife a CODA. Many moons ago Skydive Spaceland hosted Skyfest and we had several deaf skydivers come out and my wife had a great time hanging out with them helped occasionally as an interpreter. Cheers Nice! I know Texas has something like 4 or 5 deaf skydivers, of whom Fred Goebel is the oldest and most experienced. He's organized a few gatherings for deaf skydivers from around 2007 to 2011 or so before I lost touch. We helped organize three deaf world record events in 2001 at San Marcos, 2003 at Perris and 2005 at Lake Wales, then I got busy raising a couple girls and dropped out of the sport for the most part. Do you know Walt and Kathleen? Kathleen's a sign language interpreter. No...might have meet them through my my wife is very active in the deaf community here in South / South East Texas area. She runs a very successful Sign Language interpreting agency with 16 full time interpreters. She has several contracts with the State of Texas, and other Corp. / Hospitals providing interpreters to the hearing impaired for Job Placement, medical procedures, Law, School, and the list goes on. She would more than likely know these two if they are in the Houston area. Who is the lady with the colored hair that you see on many stages around the world interpreting for the deaf at concerts, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel shows. She's big on You Tube. My wife knows her very well and they chat often.
  8. Channman

    What's the most WTF moment in your life?

    Deaf?? both my In Laws are deaf and my wife a CODA. Many moons ago Skydive Spaceland hosted Skyfest and we had several deaf skydivers come out and my wife had a great time hanging out with them helped occasionally as an interpreter. Cheers
  9. Channman

    cessna 182 interior help

    When building an RV-7 over a 4.5 year period we looked at using Hydro-turf Ride Mat Material. Ended up using carpet instead, but if your C-182 is a Jump Plane...this stuff is very durable and holds up well.
  10. Channman

    What's the most WTF moment in your life?

    I would need to go back to Feb 1981 as a student pilot flying out of Houston Hobby KHOU. After completing a solo flight to the Northside of Houston I was returning with visibility of 10 miles plus and was told to expect Rwy 13L as it was numbered back then. I Passed west of Down Town Houston, about 10 miles out Approach had me switch to tower and I informed the tower I had the airport in sight. Was cleared to land 13L and confirmed the clearance and signed off with call sign ending with "STUDENT PILOT". Looking out in front of me I had this wide long black top runway in the distance and I kept lined up on it only to hear a King Air pilot ask the tower what the C-152 was doing lined up on 13R 1/2 mile. WTF, at that point I realized i was pulling a Harrison Ford moment only to have Hobby Tower tell me to land 13R and then hear the King Air calling a Go Around. Lucky back then we were required to state "STUDENT PILOT, N number, state our request and end the comm with "STUDENT PILOT". Was politely given a request to appear in the tower with my instructor and given a tour, and lesson on paying attention in all stages of the flight. Great learning moment and had my lunch paid for by the pilot of the King Air 200 and a ride right seat the following weekend.
  11. Channman

    Love / Lust at first sight?

    Interesting topic...I myself have been married to the girl of my dreams for 33 years. Raised 3 girls and an airplane together. But one of our best friends whom we hang out with often have a special connection. They first meet at the age of 2 by parents that where best friends. They started hanging out together as best friends as long as they can remember starting in grade school. Dated through-out high school and college and got married after graduation. They have been married with three grown kids now for more than 35 years, and when we are often in their presence they have been an example of how to do relationships right.
  12. Maybe someone can send him this link. Very Helpful
  13. Channman

    RIP Gene Cernan

    My former Boss back in the 90's. Spent allot of time hanging out at the airport hanger and watching him takeoff in his Cessna 421. Was fortunate to have known him and have him autograph my copy of "The Last Man on the Moon". Fly free within the Heavens Gene.
  14. Channman

    Name something that is a bad idea to do naked.

    I've tried it, not very good at it.
  15. Channman

    Name something that is a bad idea to do naked.

    Fiber Glassing wheel pants on a RV-7A and RV-8 and then sanding. That can't be good.