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  1. I had a Super Evolution 160 and loved it. One thing that no one has mentioned is that if you pull down on a center riser, you will get a diving turn that is a lot of fun to do at altitude and when the air is clear around you. I jumped at the old Woodstock DZ in Connecticut, and with the good glide ratio, I would get myself back to the target area and still be at 1500' or so and then make a couple of center riser turns. I used a bit of front riser for a swoop.
  2. Sorry, Howard died a couple of years ago.
  3. I found this one on my computer,if it does not show up, email me.
  4. Howard was the most exasperating, opinionated, grouchy and caring jumper I ever knew. One minute he'd be bitching about jumpers, and then he'd make a comment that showed that he really knew and cared for a lot of us much better than he let on. One of my favorite jumps with Howard was at Pepperell, MA where we did a 3 Cessna 12 way for Tim Cronk's 1,000th jump. Howard kept telling me that he wished there were some more people around so he wouldn't have to jump with us, and that we'd never complete the 12-way star. Despite having some problems getting all three Cessnas onto a decent formation, we made the 12-way (but not the second point, as I recall) and Howard was whooping as much as the rest of us when we landed. Then he tried to get beer out of me, betting that I'd probably never been on a successful 3 Cessna jump before. BSBD HW Don Sluter
  5. Man, this just sucks so bad. We really don't need to lose someone like Dave, he truly is one of the good guys.
  6. Mup, you asshole, why'd you have to go and die? I'll miss you brotherman. Don