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  1. Thanks Mike, Email sent. DZ listing has [email protected], which is bouncing :) --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  2. Does anyone have an email address for them? The one on the DZ listing bounces... --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  3. I just joined the all-sail JVX owners club, and my 99 is a snug fit into a 190 bag/container... --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  4. Been a I thought I'd put up three of myself! :D Taken at Wild Geese in Northern Ireland on my VX-123. --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  5. Yeah I looked at going that way, but the flights are hideously expensive...cos I'm flying out 27th September. I'd need to go west to east to make those boogies... K-State added, although if I'm late, then I may not make it, as it's adding 4 hours to that day's drive!'s looking like: Edinburgh London - 1hr Newark - 7hrs The Ranch - 2hrs Nights 1, 2 Niagara Falls - 6hrs Aerohio - 4hrs Night 3 Skydive Greene County - 3hrs Night 4 Wrigley Field Chicagoland - 6hrs Night 5 SDC - 1hr Night 6 Couch Freaks - 6hrs Lincoln - 3hrs Night 7 Skydive Kstate - 4hrs Mile-Hi - 8hrs Nights 8,9 Moab - 8hrs Night 10 Grand Canyon - 6hrs Hoover Dam - 3.5hrs Vegas - 1hr Night 11 Perris - 4hrs Night 12 Elsinore - 30m San Diego - 2 hrs Night 13 LA - 2 hrs Night 14 London - 11hrs Edinburgh 1hr - Night 15 Here it is! 70 hours of driving over 12 driving days (6hrs a day) to cover 4,050 58mph! Looks like I'll need to find me a driving buddy! --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  6. Thanks :) Chambersburg isn't open during the days I'd be passing, so I've modded my journey to include Niagra Falls, Aerohio, and Greene County :) Click here for modified route :) Anyone else? --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  7. So, being newly cutaway from a long-term relationship, I'm thinking of doing a 2-3 week skydiving road-trip to cheer myself up...I'd like to drive from NY to SoCal, definitely hitting The Ranch, Skydive PA, Wrigley Field, Chicagoland/SDC, Couch Freaks, Lincoln, Mile-Hi, Moab, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Perris, Elsinore and San D... What do you guys reckon I'm missing? Any suggestions for sights to see along the way? This is the route Google is suggesting... Blue Ones, Ru. --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  8. You rely on it to do exactly nothing when it's not supposed to be doing anything. Unfortunately the older vigils have proven to not be so great at that. As opposed to newer Cypres 2 units... --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  9. I can second this, when I'm pushing it at Perris, I regularly get 15+ hop'n'pops into mostly clear sky a day...there are the odd occasion when we have to run in after the jet and I find myself above 50 canopies, but hey, that's life at the (second best) DZ in the world... (And it makes for cool visuals!) --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  10. Does anyone know if the Vigil 2 will have the promised higher activation speed Swoop mode? Don't see it in the comparison... --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies
  11. There was a safety notice put out by the BPA a few years ago, calling for the inspection of Teardrop SF Pilot Chute grommets, due to some loops being discovered worn. As far as I can recall, it a was mandatory to inspect, and reset the grommet if found to be sharp. --- Swoopert, CS-Aiiiiiii! Piccies