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  1. We will buy a new camera for formation skydiving. Which camera we have to buy. (Specially 1920x1080 avchd)
  2. Thanks for your answering my question. Personally I would prefer Singer too. But here it is hard to find service when the machiene is broken or any repairement it needs. Brother brand is more common so it seems more preferable. I wonder whether you know JUKI brand. I may also think about buying it.. Thanks..
  3. Hi everyone! These are the sewing machines which I am planning to buy: Brother T8722B-405 (Twin needle) Brother 7200-405 (Single Needle) Brother 4300-D2 (Bartacker) Brother 8550A-A31 (Zigzag) I want to use them in repairing canopies and containers. Would you approve any of them?Or would you offer any other type of sewing machiene? Thank you..
  4. thank you for the answer.i searched it and found a LK3-430E Electronic Bar Tacker.. is this the one you told?
  5. the bulletin says that Vigil would replace all the damaged cutters.. so is there any extra cost to replace them??
  6. i have found two different bar tack machienes but could not decide.. Brother B430 and Juki LK 1850. Is there anyone who have one of them either would suggest me which one i should buy?
  7. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, you can buy a bar-tack machine that will sew all three components, but it will only sew bar tacks. Just buy the biggest, beefiest 42-stitch bar-tacker you can find and feed it size 21 needles. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hi Rob, i searched bar tack machines and found a ''Juki LK-980 42 stitch bar tacker'' so what would you say about this machiene? is it a proper choice?
  8. thank you for your answers. Actually I need a machine which can sew container, canopy and line set at the same time.. I wonder if there is such a bar tack machine that can sew these three different parts .. thank you again..
  9. hi everyone! I want to buy a sewing machine which is able to do bar tack sewing.. Unfortunately I have no idea of which kind of a machine should I buy..Can anybody inform me about this subject? Thank you..
  10. First, i want to thank you for the documentation. Actually the problem is with my flying not the camera itself.. just after I leave the plane i can not catch the people whom I supposed to record.. I hope the documentation which you sent will work..
  11. I have just started camera flying. I have some promlems during the jumpings which are taking too much time to solve.. I wonder may you give some suggestions about this subject as professional camera-men? or do you have any documentation related to safe-recording in the air? thank you so much..
  12. Hi ! mick, can I use expert cypres in Mach III Alpha reserve canopy ? Any trouble . . . ! ? thanks ömer
  13. hi riggermick! how are you? do you think that the reserve canopies which are achieved the Parachute Canopy Fabric Pull Test can be used regardless of their age? if you give some advice i would be appreciated.. thank you...
  14. thank you for your great contribution! i hope i will not have to be wait a thousand years to take a new one