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  1. I guess eloy, but have read deland at around 80,000 jumps a year idea though ...
  2. - In the event of an unwanted opening, to try to catch the reserve pilot chute before the reserve canopy can deploy. \
  3. Blue Ones All, Just had a rad WUffo friend kindly send me an item on yet another space-jumper, searched - no threads so far. he claims over 1,000 jumps, yet he looks like a youtube - hey I'm off aff on my first solo flyer in his self promotion video of a test jump in his space suit, granted it looks a tad hard to fly but his potato chip on deployment looks like ass. I love dreamers and support exploration. however, this just seems like a hype job. worse than the French jumper? not to be a critical nay-sayer, just another example of the media loving all the wrong things about our sport - Cheers this just seems like a hype job. worse than the french jumper? not to be a critical nay-sayer, just another example of the media loving all the wrong things about our sport - Cheers [url]
  4. Sad...almost like seeing a kid his age with an AK-47, nice that he has some male rolemodels and is doing healthy motion, but what of love and the arts? Could we not cultivate his warrior spirit and physical culture without a base lowering of the boy to near Vick-like dog fighting? I think this is video a lot more pornographic than a pair of consenting adults making love. this video is not worth your time BlueSkies Semper FI
  6. I'm sure the blondes would be honored to go out that way too. Base rigs for the blondes, their talent may still be needed elsewere. I asked my hommie, a MD/PhD student (4th year in a combo program) - (he has two tamdems and one bunggie) old freshman year roomate- he thinks jumping is healthy in terms of the adrenaline, and that as long as your earning your rush in a safe moderated manner that you are more healthy for it. my dad has the "if you are gonna eat like a caveman, live like one" so he defends eating meat, buy runing and trying to experience "leg-wetters" on a regular basis of course on TV they have that cheesy wieght loss pill which claims that stress causes fat-gain, but I always find in easy to stay fit when jumping, my hippy theory is the energy, stirs up the body, and when combined with, Gyrotonic(R) or rock climbing you are really set.
  7. I pm'd you the college essay answer bullet points Craigslist (right on J) try to find sublet for just one month then see for yourself the areas you like(before a 12-24 month lease) I would say below 14th street or east Brooklyn - but that is just my taste. some links: a link on the East Village and one on 'B-Burg Blue Skies Joe
  8. What do you guys think about a two-tone solid, like red top and blue bottom with white ribs A color like yellow/red/orange, you can see easy in the trees, but landing out at Perris or eloy and you might look like the sand. so a blue,green color for days at a dusty dz and a loud color for the forest /ocean *Would this appear to be a reserve to you if you didn't now me, (not counting closer detail like no pilotchute/d-bag, not an RDS type [email protected] 1.3) also generally, do you think the use of white in colbalts or Icarus has led to a diminished recognition of white as a sign of duress? Thanks and Blue Skies
  9. Hi, I am in the market for a reserve, I recently spoke with PD and they said it was possible to get any combination of the available colors. I thought I could only get the same color top skin and same bottom, but apparently I can get a rainbow, with each cell different if I want (not really thinking rainbow) I know in Base a different colored center cell makes it easier to pack, I think a reserve is a similar pack-job, so would this help? also when I did AFF, long ago, I remember hearing that a reserve has to be a solid color, usually white - but obviously this is not an FAA regulation. So riggers is there any pattern which would make it harder for you to pack safe? Any colors that would piss you off and hamper your ability ? *Not saying that you would ever let an unsafe packjob go out the door, but perhaps there are the ones you enjoy and the ones you have to think twice about, "like is this is the center cell?" Thank you very much for your help and time Cheers and blue ones -J
  10. HI, I Just found this 17 secound CrW video, a sweet downplane right into a swoop! who says only the Velo 96 kids get to surf, I thought this was HOT. It really makes me interested in the art form, Blue ones!
  11. don't.give.them.the.guilt.of.having.bought.your.bounce. (neednewkeyboard)
  12. You inspired me to search, "asking her to measure..." she said "you're not handsome, but you sure are handy"
  13. Keep,,yr,,crotchrocket,,And,,get,,a,,Harley--then,,all,you,,need,,is,,a,,Ducati,,1996,,916