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  1. Stop calling me a whuffo. Obviously I'm crap, I'm only 16. I just interested in how you "Sky Gods" do stuff!!!
  2. Thank you. How do you get in a 45 degree angle relative to the ground?
  3. My point point being is most people who are 16 don't even skydive. So mdrejhon can stop calling me a whuffo.
  4. How do you Atmonauti? Thanks in advanced.
  5. I bet you weren't even skydiving when you were 16!!!!
  6. Hello, When you are in free fall, can you move from left to right without out turning and then tracking? It would be like side stepping on the ground like a crab.
  7. Whats the idea behind them?
  8. Hello, What are chest rings? Thanks for your help. Happy skydiving!!!!
  9. I am doing my consoles at the mo. I'm 16
  10. Hello, What is the biggest and busiest drop zone in the world ? Thanks for your help!!! Whats the biggest DZ in Europe?
  11. Hello, After 100 jumps, what is the recommended wing load? After 200 jumps, what is the recommended wing load? And so on. Thanks for your help!!
  12. Hello, I have just finished my consoles!!!! How many more jumps shall I do before I buy my own gear? How do I work work out what size canopy to get? I weigh 125 pounds. Thanks for you help.