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  1. The first "big one" among many: with previous 17 military static SL jumps, two years after the last one (at the time I was flying sailplanes), I did my first freefall ever on a night off-DZ jump. Completely illegal stuff, even in my country back then. I'm still proud of it but if something have happened to me, more than a few people would end up serving jail-time. The second one was an omission I still regret: I was in Kuala Lumpur with no BASE experience at the time and Dwain Weston suggested I should do my first jump from the KL Tower doing a 2-way with him, riding on his back on exit and than he would pull my PC. I wasn't current in skydiving at the moment and I kindly declined the offer. It was a reasonable descision but I'll never get over it.
  2. Let's say: B.J.Worth and the rest of the Mirror Image. Tom Piras and the rest of the Desert Heat. All members of the Visions. Patrick de Gayardon. Robert Pecnik.
  3. Buddy, that system works great, just do your stuff and enjoy. Know your emergency procedures, be mentally in the jump. You're not going to bounce. Have fun, yeehaaaaah!
  4. ha ha, thanks VB I can't believe there's so many posts on this subject geez, man, pack wherever you want, but you can enjoy some breeze and suntan when packing outside there were no indoors packing areas back then and they are in fact rare even today pack outside and be a part of The Elements
  5. Never pack outside, nobody does that. Oldtimers just used those rounds and there was no need to pack them as we all know.
  6. It would be very, very interesting to hear some first-hand stories about Tom Piras, Desert Heat 4-way team, Mirror Image, Visions, and other hard core teams and personalities of that time.
  7. Go for it, try and see how your plan's gonna work for you. If you don't try, you'll never know. If you don't succeede, you can always find another "use" of skydiving. Just go for it. I apologize for this but it's too hard to translate to english, so: Stari moj, idi sto dalje iz ovih balkanskih govana i skaci, uzivaj - ako ne probas, makar ti sve dojadilo nakon dva mjeseca, cijeli ces zivot zaliti sto nisi pokusao. Probaj! Uvijek se mozes vratiti u ovu vukojebinu ako zapne. Sretno!
  8. They were probably just too old for that shit, and old dogs don't care about new tricks...
  9. During my army (paratrooper) days, I asked our captain why the unit doesn't use any combat dogs at all. He told us a funny story: back in the early '70, the unit has trained a bunch of combat dogs to jump. The ground practice - countless exitis on command from a DC-3 with the left engine running - went well, so the dogs did ok during their first ever jump; they exited on command with no hesitation. On the second jump, when the door opened, all of the dogs started to shake and squeal in terror and all of them run to the frong of the plane, to the cockpit door, not a single dog wanted to jump anymore. So the whole program was canceled
  10. Ha ha, people So it seems at first I have to apologize to those heavily offended by my late-nigh subtle playing with their mother's tongue, and yes, it could be a problem to actually wear a wallet without a hard-on and that would be extremely rude in public's eyes. One should carry a wallet around for sure. Preferably in a pocket, for one's own sake And many thanks to those being helpful on this trivial question of mine. And yeah, a 3-fold folds only twice, that's true DSE, I've seen that Twallet of LookMa but it's to fancy, thanks on the advice The quoted word Skydiving (wallet) refers to specific fabrics only – Cordura or Parapack – and not to various prints, labels, embroideries or other jumping related graphics which I personaly don't like on such everyday used products anyways. That's not a fetish, just feels good to touch the same fabric rigs are made of during those days between weekends. And those materials are pretty sturdy, too. At the end, for those who like to fry – I hope there's something to swallow in the above, again Blue Skies to you all
  11. Well folks, I've been wearing my (French made) cordura 3-fold wallet for 23 years now and it's still functional but really worn-out (no wonder, huh!) It seems that nobody produces those "skydiving" cordura or parapack wallets these days or maybe I just can't find such a store. I'd be very thankful if someone knows about such a manufacturer or a store (dealer) who make/sell that kind of wallets. Thank you, blue skies!
  12. I apologize on this digression. I had a book Parachuting Folklore (M. Horan) and there a few pictures of Susan in it. As I recall, she was a national S&A champion once or twice. Was she still active in sport after her competitive career?
  13. LT, I've just downloaded the video, the feeling was the same as it was a long time ago while watching it for the first time! Thank you very, very much again! Blue skies!