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  1. Heyo SoCal ground launchers! I moved to Carlsbad a few months ago, have been jumping a few times up in Elsinore since (I'm the tall American/Swede guy). I've been itching to get into GL for a while now. Anyone want some company up in the hills and maybe show me some good/safe areas to fly/practice? Dunes, hills, etc? I don't plan on heading out alone (a little risky) :] blueskies erik
  2. eBeran

    South Korea

    Will do, thnx for the reply :] /the captain
  3. eBeran

    South Korea

    Does anyone know the BASE situation in Korea? I'm not asking for sites or anything, just curious if anyone (here) jumps there or has in the past. /the captain
  4. Bump. That is a really beautiful photo!
  5. Alright, thanks guys :] I have my non-jumping gf here, and I don't think she'd understand why would be driving that many hours *just* for a party ;] BUT i will try to get up to north florida within the next two weeks or so. Thanks again. /The Captain
  6. So I'm in Hollywood FL on vacation, visiting family and just relaxing. Can anyone tip me on good dz's around there? I plan on heading of to Skydive Miami sometime after new year, maybe I'll see some of ya there :] /The Captain
  7. eBeran

    where is this?

    Anyone know where this is? *attached photo*
  8. eBeran


    Next step...true ground launching!!!...stick a skateboard on his belly and give him a long runway to pick up some speed ;]
  9. Photos would be a real plus for the wiki. (like what does a tail pocket look like, or a tailgate, etc etc) I have a camera if someone wants to lend me some gear ;p /Captain
  10. eBeran

    Wasabi Peas

    one of the best non-candy snacks ever!
  11. my spoon...is too bIg...
  12. eBeran

    Fellatio Rules

    I'd like to add this one for the girls: Stiff lip: You've got lips babeh, use them. 'Stiff lipping' can feel good, but nothing's better than a relaxed pair of wet lips wrapped around man sausage. I agree with pretty much everything else, so...w00t! *edit* oh, and biting...that's hot!...but movement while biting...not good. (bite it like you would a bone, not a hotdog)
  13. Thanks for all your replies. Important topics were taken up here, I hope it can be usefull for other base'ers-to-be. I'll continue reading, and working on getting to my first jump! Thanks again! /The Captain